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Magento Marketplace Complete Pack

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Expand your business by converting your Magento store into a marketplace with our Magento Marketplace Complete Pack Extension.

Quick Overview

  • rightConvert your eCommerce store into Marketplace

  • rightAllow various sellers to register and sell their products

  • rightSimplified Store owner interface to manage your Marketplace

  • rightHave your Sellers and their products in control

  • rightSet commissions for each sellers, each products, each product category, each customer group and each product type

  • rightManage simple products and configurable products

  • rightManage the Products on the go with Responsive Seller Panel


Customer Using This Product

Product Description


Our Marketplace extension helps to convert existing Magento store to a shopping mall with multi-vendor portal management. Special and attractive design for seller portal to manage the product catalog, orders, invoices, manifest, payments etc. Simplified Magento interface for store owners to manage sellers, seller products, orders, commissions and Payouts.

The Magento marketplace complete pack provides support to transform an online ecommerce store into a marketplace for potential customers. Here, the sellers can register themselves. The Magento complete pack works on a highly simple and comprehensive interface. This interface allows the sellers to have complete hold on their products. This marketplace helps to specify rights individually for every product, category and customer type according to the requirement. The control panel or the interface is very simple to understand which helps the stakeholders to manage their profile effectively without any technical guidance. It also has an attractive design with clutter free navigation for management of catalog, orders, invoices, manifest, payments.It has built in addons for Automatic PO Generation, Returns Management (RMA), Out Of Stock Notification, Seller Bulk Upload, Messaging System, Location Based Seller.

Documentation available in

 The module facilitates with the below listed features:

 Store Owner:

  • Allow various sellers to register and sell their products.
  • Ability to make bulk payout to seller at a time and also can make payment for individual seller. 
  • Ability to view, approve, disapprove, update and delete seller requested product.
  • Set Seller Commissions by fixed or percentage type. 
  • Set commissions for each seller, each product and each product category.
  • Ability to add, approve and disapprove sellers in a single click. 
  • View the order placed by a customer in one place. 
  • Generate Purchase Order and notify seller once the order is placed by the customer.


  • Interface to manage profile, inventory, product details, messages and locations they operate.
  • Add simple products and configurable products in bulk via CSV file upload.
  • Ability to update their profile information and view commission information.
  • Ability to upload shop logo and add shop URL. 
  • Ability to view their orders, invoices, pending dispatches, manifests. 
  • Ability to view their payment history. 
  • Get instant notification about orders, products, messages, and payment from admin.
  • Ability to add existing products from the catalog.
  • Allows sellers to review products returned from the customer and provide needed solution.


  • Option to view seller profile and allows them to contact via email on the seller's products.
  • Option to give email id for products which are out of stock and receive notification once the product is replaced. 
  • Buyer can able to view the products added to cart grouped by the seller.
  • Allows the buyer to return products purchased.
  • Option to configure products with available attributes-key features. 
  • Ability to check the stock availability of the product from the seller. 
  • Ability to view & compare prices from multiple sellers for a single product.

Complete Pack comes with the below-mentioned extensions inbuilt

Seller Bulk Upload

Seller Bulk Upload

Magento Marketplace Seller Bulk Upload helps the marketplace sellers to add products in bulk. Using this add-on, marketplace sellers can add both simple and configurable products in bulk via CSV file upload. The sellers have to choose the attribute set and add products with different SKU and product images, once they upload the CSV file, the products will be added and will wait for Admin's approval. Once admin verifies the product list uploaded, the products will be displayed in the site as well as seller's dashboard. This addons helps the seller to add more products in a single upload.

Out Of Stock Notification

Magento Marketplace - Out of Stock Notification add-on allows the admin to retain the customer. This extension will ask for customer's email id when the product is out of stock. Once the Marketplace seller replenishes the stock, the customer will receive an email on the stock and a reminder to purchase the same.

Out of Stock Notification
Return and Management

Returns Management (RMA)

Marketplace - RMA (Returns Management) allows the marketplace customers to return the products purchased from a marketplace seller.

Automatic PO Generation

Magento Marketplace - Automatic PO Generation add-ons enables the admin to generate Purchase Order once the order is placed by the customer.

Automatic PO Generation
Location Based Seller

Location Based Seller

Magento Marketplace - Location Based Seller enables the seller to provide location they serve. it also helps the customer to choose sellers near the customer's location

Messaging System

Magento Marketplace - Messaging System allows marketplace customer to contact marketplace seller easily. This add on allows the customers to contact sellers via email within the system. The admin will be copied in each email conversation. The customers can have trade related inquiry, product return related queries here. The message will be received in seller's dashboard itself, the seller can reply to the emails and receive replies easily. Same way, The customer can find the list of emails they have sent and received in My Accounts.

Messaging System


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Review By Others 9 item(s)

My client was happy


Thank you team ,my day was made great by your extension
Support was helpful

Pardeep Kumar

My struggle to power my e-store finally found success when I bought this magento marketplace plugin to develop my multi vendor shopping store to augment my single online business to a multi-vendor facility. Modulebazaar customized my existing ecommerce shop into multi vendor marketplace in no time. I am really thankful to Modulebazaar team.
Easily manageable with quick support


Purchased the module after researching features of all similar modules. This module has multiple Unique features and was more easier to navigate, use for a store owner. I did have some minor issues as i was using a custom theme. However the Module support Team dealt with my tickets very quickly.
Worthy Extension


Business friendly Module. Did not require developer hands for implementation.Support Team Response time was adequate.Surely would recommend to others. It's definitely worth the money!
Looking Great


Purchasing this module turned out to be a great investment. Have been planning for setting up a marketplace for a very long time and finally got it done using this module. Great Functionalities and an excellent support from the Team during installation and customization updates.
Perfect Marketplace


I have bought this extension last week. I got great support from the company and my concerns were resolved in hours. The extension is very useful for my business now.
Worth Extension


Had some trouble in installing this marketplace, the support team helped in resolving it . Thanks for your great support. You guys were really quick. Keep it up.
Works Good.


I was looking mainly to manage configurable product in a Market Place, many extensions in market had simple, even downloadable but not configurable. This extension just matched my requirement. Highly recommend.! Great
Perfect Fit!

Igniatius Jodney

I found this marketplace extension being a perfect one among the market, this gave a hike to my online business. Surely I am gonna suggest this to my friends. - Jodney Jr . Proud owner of an Exclusive Market Place.


Compatibility & Requirements:

  • The extension is compatible with Magento Version 1.7 x, 1.8.x & 1.9.x.
  • The extension is compatible with default Magento Theme, for any custom theme, the extension might require design fixes. 
  • The Extension supports Simple and Configurable Product Types of Magento. 
  • This module may require Ion Cube loader.The server should have the ionCube loader installed. If it is not available or not  installed, you can request your hosting provider to install this version of ion cube loader available at

Installation procedures:

  • Download the package and unzip magento file and you can find marketplace and read me en.pdf. 
  • After login to the website, go to system >>Magento Connect>> Magento Connect Manager. 
  • After selecting the patch click the choose File option which you can see in the Direct Package File Upload in option number2.
  • Then upload the module from your computer(the zip archive of marketplace and click the Upload option. 
  • After successful upload of the marketplace click refresh or check for Upgrades. 
  • Then logout from the admin panel and again login into the admin panel.

Note: Before installing the pack,

  • Take a complete backup of your site and products.
  • Disable and clear Magento Cache. Perform Magento indexing.
  • Install the Extension, perform Magento indexing again.
  • Contact, provide your domain name. They will provide you the license key for your domain. This key is to be pasted under MB- Marketplace >> Configuration>> General>> and save the configuration

Related Products


1. Does the admin need to approve a seller who wants to sell a product on the site?

Yes, also the admin is given a configuring option to approve a seller. If the option is configured as NO, the admin’s approval is not required for a seller to sell products on the site. To approve or disapprove a seller, Go to >> Modulebazaar >> Marketplace >>Manage Sellers, then select a seller and select approve/disapprove from Actions dropdown.


2. Does the admin need to approve the product added by a seller that is already present in the catalog?

This depends on the option that admin has configured for the seller product catalog add. This configuration can be set in Modulebazaar >> Marketplace >> Configuration >> Store owner Settings


3. How the commission is set and configured?

The Commission can be set in two types i.e., Fixed and Percentage type. The Commission can be set for each product, each product category, each seller, customer group and product type. To set a new commission, Go to >> Modulebazaar >> Marketplace >> Manage Commission >> Add new commission


4. Can the order made in the store be found in the order management?

No, the admin has to generate the Purchase Order (PO). After PO generation, the orders for each of the seller are notified to the respective seller via the order management field that is available in the backend. Go to >> Sales >> Orders >> Select an order >> Select Generate PO


5. Where can the admin find the commission amount and the order amount?

The admin can view the commission amount, order amount and the remaining amount to be paid to the seller under the seller payout section. Go to >> Modulebazaar >> Marketplace >> Seller Payout


6. Is there any way to assign products to a seller from the product tab in the Magento Backend?

Yes, the products can be assigned to a seller from the admin end. Go to >> Catalog >> Manage Products >> select a product >> Choose a seller from “Select a seller” option


7. Is there any interface for the seller to manage his/her products, orders, etc.?

Yes, a separate seller portal is available for sellers to manage their products, orders, payments and also their account information. The seller portal is accessible by the seller only after the admin’s approval.


8. If an order consists of different products from different sellers, how the order will be generated?

Separate purchase order will be created for each seller included in that order.


9. What type of products can be managed in this Marketplace?

The admin can manage both the simple products and the configurable products.


10. How the seller can edit his product details after the product has been approved by the admin?

Seller can edit the details of his product on Seller Panel. Updated product will be sent to Admin Approval.  Once Admin approves ,the change will reflect in Front end. 


11. Can Admin edit the product details of any seller?

Yes, Admin can edit the product details of any seller before product approval.


12. Stock import/export option under seller panel - allows only stock update of existing products? What about new product upload? 

For Existing product stock upload you can use Stock Import/ Export Option. For new product upload, you have to use Bulk Import/ Export Option. 


13. Explain 'Add from Catalog' for the seller?

If a same product is being sold by more than one seller, be it Simple / Configurable products. The extension allows the sellers to add those products to their catalog without a need to create a new product via their respective seller’s profile. Thus ‘ Add From Catalog’ allows the sellers to add simple / configurable products to their profile and thus sell at competitive price. 


14. Do you have provision for the customer to view details of the seller or the products sold by the seller?

Yes, each and every customer can see the seller's profile and list of products of that specific seller by clicking on "Seller Profile”. The option is given on the Footer of the Home Page, and in each product detail page. Seller Profile contains the list of seller a brief description about them, the rating and review of the Seller and the list of products sold by them.