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Magento Security Patch Installation

  • 8%

$ 45.0000

Magento Security patch installation is designed to help you install Magento security patches for your Store successfully. Therefore you can protect Magento stores from hacker attacks, enhance security and correct vulnerabilities in the system.

Quick Overview

Regular Price: $49.00

Special Price $45.00

Product Description


Why you should install Magento security patches as soon as possible

  • Correct vulnerabilities in the system.
  • Protect Magento stores from hacker attacks
  • Enhance security for your Magento Store

It is recommended that you should upgrade your Magento Store to the latest version as soon as possible. However, sometimes for some reason, if you have not updated your Magento version, you can install security patches in advance to keep your data safe.

What Magento Security patch installation service includes

  • We install all the security patches (include the latest security patch) for your Magento store
  • We install the suitable security patch for your Magento version as you want

Magento Security patch installation Plan

Magento security patch installation plan

Step 1: Back Up Your Magento Store

Step 2: Check your Magento state about all existing security patches

Step 3: Disable the Magento Compiler

Step 4: Install the Patch/Patches

Step 5: Enable Magento Compiler

Step 6: Check applied Patches and fix any possible issues

Step 7: Notify Customers about the process completion



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