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Delivery Slot with REST API for Magento 2

  • 30%

$ 69.0000
Delivery Slot with REST API Extension for Magento 2 allows customers to choose preferred Delivery Slot and add Delivery Instructions for their orders.

Quick Overview

  • The REST API allows user to integrate this feature to their Mobile Application (iOS & Android ) and HTML 5 Applications

  • Allows Admin to group bunch of zip codes under certain Group

  • Allows Admin to add certain days as vacation / holiday

  • Customers are restricted from choosing those days for delivery that are declared as vacation / Holiday by Admin

  • Admin can plan the delivery according to the Delivery Instruction given by Customer during order placement

Regular Price: $99.00

Special Price $69.00

Product Description


Delivery Slot with REST API Extension for Magento 2 allows customers to choose preferred delivery slot for their orders. This extension also allows customer to add Delivery Instructions during checkout. These instructions will be available in Order confirmation page and helps the Admin to schedule the delivery as expected by the customer.

With the REST APIs we provide with this extension, you can integrate the delivery slot feature in your Mobile Application (iOS & Android ) and HTML 5 Applications. The API functions that we have added, follow the same procedure as that of Magento REST API and return data in JSON format.

Extension allows the Admin to map bunch of zip codes to certain Delivery Slot. The bunch of zip codes are referred as Slot Groups. Once the customer enters the delivery address, the extension checks for the respective Slot under which the customer’s zip code falls and displays the available slots. Customer can choose from the available slots. This helps the admin to track and process delivery with ease.

If a store cannot handle delivery to certain zip codes during certain times of a day, the admin can restrict the particular zip codes for those timings. If the customer orders from that zip code, or requests delivery during the restricted time, the Delivery slot will not be displayed.

The Extension allows the Admin to,

  • Add and Edit Delivery Slots.
  • Group the Zip codes under various Delivery Slots.
  • Multiple Zip codes can be mapped to single Slot.
  • Map the Slots and Delivery Day.
  • Add and Edit Slot Information.
  • Add the number of Quota for a Slots.
  • Add and Edit the timing for each Slots.
  • Add Holiday/ Vacation Days and restrict customers from choosing those days for delivery.

 This extension adds the following REST API functions:

  • Customer can view delivery slots available for that order.
  • Customer can choose the preferred slot and place the order
  • Customer can add Delivery Comments and notify Admin on the same.
  • Customer add view the delivery details such as the chosen delivery slot and the comments in My Orders Section.


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Review By Others 3 item(s)

I am satisfied for the money spent.


Delivery Slot Extension with advanced features. I will be even more happy if he team would add a feature as, collect extra fee for immediate delivery or extra fee for delivery on special days. Hope they bring it in their next version. Update us once done!. Support team is awesome. good work guys.
Easy to install and use


I can add vacation days using this extension so that customer can order accordingly, thank you! We can stay out of delivery commotions, easily add slots and allot them according to our delivery person availability. Very practically designed to suit our needs. The duration between order placement and slot display helps us to meet the customer requirement. Good.
Highly recommend!


One of the most useful extensions for Magento 2 stores. Allowing customers to make a choice of their desired slot gives them comfort with our site. Customers is happy and we are also able to schedule delivery properly without any hassle. Problem free extension. Works easily.


  • Download the package and unzip file and you can find and User Manual Pdf.
  • Open Terminal and navigate to root folder
  • Extract this module.
  • After extract of files and folders Clear Cache.
  • Run Setup upgrade from root (php bin/magento setup:upgrade)
  • After Successful upgrade process, clear cache,page_cache,view_preprocessed
  • Give Full permission to magento root folder and var/generation module.
  • After successful of installation, Check app/etc/config.php for Modulebazaar_DeliverySlot.
  • Ion Cube loader is mandatory for this module.The server should have the ionCube loader installed. If it is not available or not  installed, you can request your hosting provider to install this version of ion cube loader available at

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Change Log

V 1.0.0 Initial Built - Stable release