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Wordpress Migrator

$ 30

Boost your Business Prospects with Word Press Migration

Quick Overview

  • WordPress migration plugin is the best plugin that can make your business achieve success rapidly.

  • It fills the gaps that should not exist for your business to be a success.

  • With WordPress migration plugin, you can be sure that you receive perfect solutions for every matter and all your needs are fulfilled.


Product Description


 Word Press migrator offers the following features and advantages that help you stay ahead in the right direction:

1. Migrate Products and products meta data
2. Migrate Images and image meta data
3. Migrate Terms and Taxonomy and its meta data
4. Migrate Products variation and meta data
5. Migrate Shop Orders and meta data
6. Migrate Products and shop orders comments and meta data
7. Helps business houses adopt new system and technology
8. Assists businesses to be the best in today’s competitive world
9. Provides guidance in migrating, duplicating and shifting WordPress
the site between hosts or domains
10. Consistently improves features to boost performance


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1. In wordpress dashboard, choose plugins, and then click add new.

2. On the install plugins page, click upload plugin button.

3. After click on upload plugin button a uploading file section appear.

4. Browse our plugin here and open it and click on installed now button, plugin installation begin now.

5. After plugin installed activate it.

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