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ShopAmaze - Responsive Opencart 3 Theme

  • 50%

$ 20.0000

ShopAmaze - Responsive Opencart 3 Theme is a Responsive Marketplace theme for opencart version 3. It is Responsive, supports Multivendor Marketplace.

Quick Overview

  • 100% Responsive

  • Fastest & Lightest Theme

  • Featured Module Included

  • Bestseller Module Included

  • Top-Rated Module Included

  • Cross-Sale Module Included

  • Mega Menu Module Included

  • Floating Popup Module Included

  • Recently Viewed Module Included

  • Popular Category Module Included

  • Supports Multivendor Marketplace





Regular Price: $40.00

Special Price $20.00


Product Description


100% Fully Responsive

Fastest & Lightest Theme
Lightest Theme

Featured Module Build-in

Featured Module included

Bestseller Module Build-in

Best Seller Module Included

Top-Rated Module Build-in

Top Rated Module Included

Cross-Sale Module Build-in

Cross Sale Module Included

Mega Menu Module Build-in

Mega Menu Module

Floating Popup Module Build-in


Floating Popup Module

Recently Viewed Module Build-in

recently viewed module

Popular Category Module Build-in

Popular Category Module


Supports Multivendor Marketplace

supports Multivendor


img-responsive open cart


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