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Magento Order On WhatsApp

$ 39

Magento Order on WhatsApp Extension by MageComp let store customer order a product on WhatsApp and resolve their per-purchase query quickly.

by  MageComp

Quick Overview

  • Backend option to enable or disable extension as per need.

  • Admin can choose an option to display 'Order on WhatsApp' button only on mobile devices if need.

  • You can select button size as per your requirement from store backend.

  • Store admin have to add own WhatsApp Mobile Number and a default push message to receive with product details.

  • You can use default API to shorten URL if needed.

  • The extension is design to work with all Browsers.


Product Description


Sometimes store customer is looking for help regarding a store product or willing to resolve or discuss more about product queries quickly. But connecting via email or raising request takes long, but connecting with social media app WhatsApp drastically helps a lot to quickly get in touch and boost store conversion.

Magento Order on WhatsApp Extension  helps store customer quickly order product on WhatsApp and discuss further if they are looking for help regarding the product. The extension is designed to work with both, whenever a customer clicks on 'Order on WhatsApp' button from the product page they will redirect to respective Whatsapp web or app. Store admin needs to add their mobile number to store backend and default push message that will be sent via extension each time a customer clicks a button from the store front-end.


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Passionate support team.


Passionate support team. Whenever I have any problems, they are always ready to assist me. Thank you very much!

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