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PrestaShop Dropshipper Lite

$ 0

Get a hassle free shipping experience with different rich features of Dropshipper Lite..

Quick Overview

  • rightCalculates shipping cost based on weight, cost, and quantity.

  • right Sends automatic order notification to buyer and supplier/vendor

  • right Sends invoice to the buyer without actual supplier/vendor information

  • rightAllows retailer to configure the minimum order amount for free shipping

  • right Allows retailer to configure if the Flat Rate to be calculated on the product's original price or discounted price.

  • right Allows buyer to add products to cart and calculate shipping cost without logging in

Customer Using This Product

Product Description


The DropShipper module provides unbiased advantages to both the buyers and sellers. Shoppers can enjoy many deals, special discounts and save ample time. Retailers are provided with the facility to calculate the shipping charges based on the product weight, cost, quantity, and delivery location. There is also a feature to generate tracking id for each order that allows tracking of the shipping which helps customers to keep updated. Apart from this, there are many more essential features that make for smooth and on time deliveries.


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Review By Others 21 item(s)

Ease in migration

Joe M

Very useful by nature, this drop shipper lite module has raised the bar of customer engagement on the website and made the satisfaction level of the customer go up by 30%
Highly recommended!!


Perfect module for prestashop


While i was looking a perfect module for my store. I have found your product to be a very useful for my store. I would surely recommend this product to my friends. I really appreciate your innovate idea of development this product. Thank you for such a nice product.
Das ideale Modul

Karl Ambros

Dies ist das genaue Modul ich gesucht und ich bekam es. Es ist sehr effizient und nahm nur Minuten, um zu konfigurieren. Wollen Sie für diese erstaunliche Modul danken. Ich strongly empfehle dieses Produkt.
Great Module

Thomas Felix

Awesome module! It has multiple features that help me a lot.
Best Dropshipper Module

Susan Alfred

Absolutely awesome! Finally I’m able to make good money in my online business. Will definitely recommend DropShipper to others
Best Multi Vendor Module

Emily Michaels

Hey, I find DropShipper very easy to use and have no trouble in calculating the shipping costs. All the deliveries are prompt and safely shipped. Thanks to DropShipper!
Highly Recommend This Module

Julian Nicholas

I just want to say that DropShipper has made my business complete. Thank you for the outstanding support! Will strongly recommend!
Improve Business

Amelia Ethan

I love having so many features, makes work much easier. Now I can sell anything and make on-time deliveries. Thanks to DropShipper!
Hassle Free Drop Shipping

Jack Carter

Extremely helpful and quick. The support is very good. Without DropShipper my online business would not thrive. Thank you!
choix incroyable

Deniz Alemi

Vaste choix de transporteurs maritimes et estimation facile de frais d'expédition. Dropshipper incroyable!
Good Choice

Andrea Rylan

DropShipper has been of great help. Smooth and convenient business experience! Great support too!
Good Performance

Simon Clayton

I’m glad I got DropShipper. Saves me a lot of expense and time. Really means a lot to me and I am truly satisfied. It is worth every penny.
Excellent Module

Allen Garry

I have PrestaShop website with excellent products. Every day more number of customers place orders in my online store. Hence it is very difficult for me to deliver products to the customers at the right time. After installing this DropShip module in my store, all products were delivered without any time delay.
Module parfait

Madeleine Rose

Je tiens à vous dire que depuis que j'ai installé ce module DropShip dans mon magasin, j'ai été très satisfait. Les caractéristiques de ce module sont très étonnante.
Perfekte Module

Svan Kroos

Große Erweiterung. Vielen Dank für Ihre hervorragende Unterstützung
Best Module

Alexandra Germain

The best thing about this module is, its excellent shipping management features. Especially shipping calculation feature provided more benefits in my business. Thank you guys.


Modul gut! Es hat mehrere Eigenschaften, die mir sehr helfen
Fantastic Work

Aidan Dowd

DropShipper is a fantastic module which helped me to create a unique flat rate for each supplier
Best Product

Mark Shulman

Calculating shipping fees for ordered products is a difficult task in my business. But shipping calculation feature in this module, helped me to offer an excellent shipping calculation method in my online business.
Recommended Module

Miranda Harris

The flexibility and reliability of this module encouraged me to write this review. This module helps me to run a successful online business.



  • It supports Prestashop 1.4 and above versions


  • The merchant or administrator must have credentials of each third party carriers such as USPS, FedEx, AU Post, and Canada Post.
  • Ion Cube loader is mandatory for the drop shipper module(It is available default in the server, if not contact the server host before installation)


  • To install manually, unzip the downloaded module archive file and upload to the modules folder, "dropshipper" to “ROOT / MODULE”.
  • To install from backend, go to module section select upload module option and then browse the module package.
  • Go to Admin section, select Module top tab and find the drop shipper module and click install to install the module.
  • Click configure link to setup drop shipper

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