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Magento 2 Minimum Order Fee

$ 35
Magento 2 Minimum order fee extension let store owner charge minimum order fee when the order is below minimum set price.

by  MageComp

Quick Overview

  • Option to enable extension from backend.

  • Backend option to set minimum surcharge amount.

  • The extension will automatically charge product fee when it is below set configuration.

  • You can even apply surcharge on group products.

  • Admin can set customized label instead of minimum order fee.

  • Surcharge will automatically display on all Magento generated invoices.


Product Description


Sometimes, store owners need to set minimum order value to encourage their customer to purchase more and enhance store shopping experience. Magento 2 Minimum Order Fee extension by MageComp allows store admin to set minimum purchase amount and still if a customer wants to purchase below the limit, they have to pay minimum order fee while checking out the product. Not only this, the extension also allows store owners to set a customized label for better understanding and it will automatically display in all invoices generated by Magneto.


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