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PrestaShop Multi Block Image Slider

$ 0
Enhance your store look with multiple slides to attract more online users to your PrestaShop eCommerce site.

Quick Overview

  • right Four Block Slideshow

  • right
    One Block Slideshow

  • right
    Two Block Horizontal Slideshow

  • right
    Two Block Vertical Slideshow

  • right
    Three Block Vertical Slideshow

  • right
    Three Block Slideshow

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Product Description


Multi Block Slider Module enables merchants to setup; configure different home page slideshow or carousel with options for managing blocks, images, sizes, transitions for each slideshow category. Admin can configure type of slideshow from the available Slideshow types. Home Flexi Slideshow module which is fully configurable and customizable in back office, it is easily installable as you can upload it to the server and activate it in the modules tab. Since it respects the prestashop development standards, it is easy to install and to use.


  • Selecting the slider from 6 options:

1)Four Block Slideshow
2)One Block Slideshow
3)Two Block Horizontal Slideshow
4)Two Block Vertical Slideshow
5)Three Block Vertical Slideshow
6)Three Block Slideshow

  • Where each block can have difference transitions and independent basic configuration.
  • Each block can be managed in the back-office like the:

1)Image Location
2)Head Text

  • Multilingual translation
  • Basic configuration where the

3)Transitions (16 options in the dropdown list)
4)Image file upload
5)Head text

  • Can be managed for all the blocks in each block sections.


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  • The Prestashop eCommerce Version 1.4.0 and above is required for this module to work.
  • This module may require Ion Cube loader.The server should have the ionCube loader installed. If it is not available or not  installed, you can request your hosting provider to install this version of ion cube loader available at


  • The module is compatible with Prestashop 1.4 and above versions
  • This likely works on prior releases, but no guarantees.

Package Content:

  • The ZIP file contains a folder content named, `multi block slider` which has the module source code as installable package and
  • A Readme or Guide document

Installation & Configurations: Installation:

  • The module is compatible with the general Prestashop module installation mechanism.
  • You can install the module through Module install feature in Administrator end
  • After login to the website, go to Admin -> Modules -> Add a module from my computer
  • Then upload `Module file` from your computer (the zip archive of and Click `Upload this module`
  • Then search for `egrfooter` under `Front Office Features` category in the module listing page and install `Multi Block Slider`.
  • Alternatively you can install the module manually by following steps
  • Unzip the downloaded module archive file.
  • Copy the folder "egrfooter" from the path "YOUR_PrestaShop_ROOT/MODULE" and paste to the related path in your PrestaShop folder.
  • Go to Admin section, select the module under `Front Office Features` and install `Multi Block Slider

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