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Magento Product Labels

$ 39

Magento Product Labels extension allows highlighting products with colorful labels based various configured rules.

by  MageComp

Quick Overview

  • There are many ways you can use Product Labels extension in your Magento, some of them are:

    • Highlight offers, sales and discounts with “On sale”, “Save 15%”

    • Launch of new products with “New”, “Just arrived” labels

    • Showing trust factors like “100% original”, “no side effect”, “Eco Friendly”, “5* rated”

    • Call to action to attract customers like “Save 25%”, “Buy now and save more”, “only 2 days left”, “Free delivery”

    • Show brands of various products by showing logos as labels

    • Emphasize key information of the product such as “Waterproof”, “Unbreakable”, “Recyclable”

    • Clear stock items by showing “Few stock left”, “Stock Clearance”, “5 left”, “Limited period offer”

  • Create conditions to trigger a rule and show labels based on rules.

  • Specify store views for the application of rules.

  • Apply multiple labels on the same product by applying multiple rules for it.

  • Set priorities for labels and hide labels with lower priorities.

  • Set date range to show labels for specific time period.

  • Add or remove labels easily by specifying SKUs of products.

  • Set label position from backend to show accordingly on frontend.

  • You can even set different images and texts for both product and categories.

  • Make use of predefined variables for the label texts.

  • Easily manage all product labels through a grid in backend.

Install Product Labels and give customers no chance to leave your store without making a purchase.


Product Description


While running offers and discounts, launching new products and services, store owners need to make some marketing efforts to make all of them stand out and get noticed.  Magento Product Labels extension  allows you to highlight store products using various labels with slogans to attract customers. You can show different product labels based on product attributes. The extension helps customers to select preferred product quickly and thus increases your sale and profits.


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