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Magento 2 Square Payment Gateway

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Collect secured payments for customers’ purchase from Square payments gateway with Magento 2 Square Payment Gateway extension.

Quick Overview

  • Power online sales with Square + Magento, with full support for payments, refunds, voids and cancellations

  • Use Square POS software and hardware for in-person transactions and manage/view sales in Magento

  • Customers can pay with Apple Pay

  • Customers can pay with Square Gift Cards on your website

  • Customers can securely save credit cards to Square and use it on future orders

  • Identify your top selling items by using our full order integration in Square and Magento

  • Industry-leading data security and PCI-compliant payments

  • Accurate, fast deposits within one to two business days 

  • Analytics and reporting software across locations, employees, and devices 

  • Proactive fraud prevention and dedicated disputes management

  • U.S.-based phone and email support


Product Description


At Square, we do everything we can to make accepting cards as fast, painless, and secure as possible. We don’t charge you extra fees or lock you into long-term contracts. We’re here to make sure you get paid fast and stay secure without having to worry about it.

Grow your business with Square and Magento - sell online and in-person through one payments partner. The Square extension for Magento allows merchants to power online payments on their Magento online store, as well as push transactions made on the Square POS into Magento. Transactions, refunds, customer data, product catalog info, and inventory quantities sync between Square and Magento systems.


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