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10 Hours AngluarJs Developement services

  • 50%

$ 100.0000
We extend our fruitful AngularJS services right from designing the UI, through writing the business logic, to final testing to your utmost satisfaction.

Quick Overview

Our team of expert professionals assists you in AngularJS that is a new, dynamic, client-side technology and guiding you through accomplishing really powerful aspects in a manner that embraces and extends HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Regular Price: $200.00

Special Price $100.00

Product Description


AngularJs Benfiets, 

  • Offers capability to develop Single Page Application in a very straight and maintainable way.
  • Holds the efficiency for data binding to HTML thus offering the user a rich and receptive experience.
  • AngularJS code is amenable to unit testing.
  • It makes use of dependency injection and enables reusable components.
  • Using AngularJS, the developer needs to write less code and is able to access more functionality.
  • In AngularJS, the views are pure HTML pages, and controllers written in JavaScript carry on the business processing.
  • AngularJS applications are compatible with major browsers and smartphones that include Android and iOS based phones/tablets.
  • Most of the applications written with Angular never have to pro-grammatically manipulate the DOM, although you can if you prefer to.
  • Enables marshalling data to and from the UI
  • Using AngularJS, you can control your app easily using services, which are auto-injected into your application in a Guise-like dependency-injection style. This facilitates you to design features quickly.


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