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Magento Upgrade Service

$ 45

Magento Upgrade Service is designed to help you upgrade your store to the latest version of Magento successfully. We ensure to upgrading your Magento store with no data loss and zero downtime. Let boost your Magento store level up!

Quick Overview


Product Description


Along with the development of technology, like other software, the Magento versions are continuously released to enhance scalability, security and get better features for its stores.

Why you should upgrade your Magento store to latest version regularly

  • New features
  • Speed up Magento performance
  • Enhance security
  • More choice with extensions
  • Theme improvement

With all of the above reasons, why don’t we upgrade the Magento version now?

What Magento upgrade service includes

  • Security Patches Upgrade
  • Theme transfer (*)
  • Database upgrade
  • Language packages
  • Magepow Extensions upgrade
  • Third-party extensions upgrade (Extra fee)

(*) Alothemes Theme transfer/ The third-party Theme. If your theme doesn't support to the upgraded version, the upgrading might take more time and under an extra fee


Magento upgrade Plan

Magento upgrade service process

Step 1: Check system requirements for your new version and Back up your store
Step 2: Create a staging environment
We create a testing site like your current website
Step 3: Upgrading your store
Perform upgrade your store to the new version on the staging environment
Step 4: Test and fix
We test the compatibility of a staging site with extensions, themes…and fix any data bug or issue related
Step 5: Public the new upgraded site


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