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Magento WhatsApp Share

$ 29

Magento WhatsApp share extension allows your customer to share product easily with their loved ones at single button click.

by  MageComp

Quick Overview

  • Extension let customer share various product details like name, description, price and URL.

  • Compatible with both WhatsApp and web.

  • Option to enable WhatsApp button on category as well as product page.

  • You can even set WhatsApp share button for all categories.

  • Admin can set custom label for name, description, price and discount.

  • Choice to define text length for product description.

  • Backend option to set different button size like small, medium and large.

  • Admin can set custom message to share along with product details.

  • You can even enable option of sending coupon code along with product details.

  • You can use bitly API for shortening URL.

  • Admin can set UTM tracking code to analyze traffic gathered by sharing.

  • Supports almost all mobile devices.


Product Description


  • Nowadays, WhatsApp stood first when it comes to content sharing with friends and family.

  • So, it is an opportunity for business to get more traffic and grow existing revenue by allowing customers to share the product.

  •  Magento WhatsApp Share extension that allows your customers to easily share the product along with product details and price.

  • The Extension will display WhatsApp share button on the product page as well as category page to encourage customers to share a product they loved.


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