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GCoupon VirtueMart Component

$ 150
Gain customers attention and increase business sales by offering discounts and coupon in a smart manner.

Quick Overview

  • right Flexible Coupon & Discount Settings

  • right Coupons Redeem/Validation

  • right Integrated Email Campaign

  • right Admin Features

  • right Reports

  • right Payments


Product Description


The key features of GCoupon are Flexible Coupon Discount Settings that is type of discount and discount values and it will override the global discount settings configured, Flexible Affiliate Commission settings and Affiliates can send email the coupons to their customers or referral buyers in order to promote the product through integrated Email Marketing feature, which were not available in other similar extensions available in market.



Admin Features:
The administrator can manage all the affiliates in the website and they can add, edit or view the affiliate account. Administrator can also able to activate or deactivate the affiliate user account through this panel. Administrator can have an entire control of affiliate account information. We are come up with the order event setting for commission calculation. The commission can be configured either fixed or variable.

Flexible Coupon & Discount Settings:
The store owners can fix up the flexible Discount settings such as types of Discount, Discount Values and it will override the global discount settings configured. eGrove Systems comes with a marvelous Commission Settings Systems. The commission settings interface would be similar to that of the global commission settings interface but would be applicable only to this coupon code. The administrator can follow a flexible method to manage the payment method setting for the payment of commission earnings.

Coupons Redeem/Validation:

We are providing the product validation for the given coupon code,whether it can be applicable for all products or specific for any product category or product. In our product we are providing real time validation to check whether the products in the cart can be grouped for discount apply or for only a particular product that a coupon is applicable. It can also check for validity for any other coupon or discount code combination. If it is valid coupon,it will proceed with the discount apply for the cart and update the cart.

Integrated Email Campaign:
In Grove Coupon we are providing Virtue Mart store owners to promote their products with coupon code system through Affiliate Marketing System through email marketing Affiliates can send email the coupons to their customers or referral buyers in order to promote the product as well as to earn commission.

All the statistics and reports generated for the coupon performance, affiliate statistics, commission earnings can also be illustrated in 3D chart. Administrator can view the performance report of the coupons and also it is possible to filter the coupon by used coupon, non –used coupons, by total sales value, by popular (ordered in terms reaching customer within short period of start date). The Administrator can able to view the commission earnings by the Affiliates & Payment Report.

Administrator can pay all the affiliates earnings either by single click (to all affiliates in one click as mass payment) on the specified date configured by the admin for payment payout date setting. Individual commission manual payment also possible if the automatic payment is disabled is possible after reviewing each affiliate commission earnings from reports


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  • Joomla 1.5
  • VirtueMart 1.1.6 - 1.1.9
  • Joomla 1.5 compatible PHP – MySQL
  • OpenInviter Account
  • Paypal account to integrate for commission payouts
  • This module may require Ion Cube loader.The server should have the ionCube loader installed. If it is not available or not  installed, you can request your hosting provider to install this version of ion cube loader available at


  • Extract Package
  • Make sure you installed Joomla and VirtueMart in your website
  • Go to admin => extension => install/uninstall- upload a com_grovecoupon zip file and install the module
  • Follow the instructions given in Readme file for the Configuration and settings

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