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Magento 2 Product Surcharge

$ 116
Magento 2 Product Surcharge by MageComp allows admin to create and apply similar or unique product surcharges and additional fees transparently on purchase of buyers

by  MageComp

Quick Overview

  • Option to enable extension from backend.

  • You can add up to 2 types of product surcharges from admin backend.

  • Facility to show custom label for product surcharge.

  • Admin can upload CSV file to apply various surcharge fees to multiple products.

  • All the products surcharge will automatically add to order subtotal of checkout page, Order page, Email and PDF’s that are generated by Magento.

  • Option to apply surcharge in fixed amount, percentage or combined as per your need.


Product Description


Adding extra product charges by making product pricy seriously results in bad impression and more cart abandons. Store owners sometimes have to charge product fee for customization, product insurance, extended warranty, gift wraps etc. Passing these charges directly to customers is the most trustworthy and effective way. MageComp has come up with Magento 2 Product Surcharge that allows applying product surcharge on orders in a transparent way without increasing product prices. The extension facilitates to set up similar or different product surcharge on multiple products.


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