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Magento has always been topping the charts in the e-commerce space. Magento Extensions has served as the back bone for several companies and stands responsible for millions of customers breezing through their online shopping experiences. Thanks to Magento! As we are aware of the fully developed version of Magento supporting e-commerce websites to build their online shop with multiple features like online easy and secure payment, ease of experience, great engagement and so on, we now have the revived version-Magento 2 extension. Few highlights in Magento 2 extension are

•    User friendliness

•    Boosted performance

•    Simple admin interface

•    Integrations for ease of use

It is high time e-commerce companies opt to set over to the all-new Magento 2 extension equipped with better features to support them grow in their business each day. Though it requires a complete revamping of the existing build of the website, then it could be performed easily with expert assistance. eGrove is specialized in migrations of Magento 2 extensions and also owns an experienced team of potent specialists who can aid you with your crossing over without any hiccups. Module Bazaar upgrades its Magento Version from 1.0 to Magento 2.0 to all available extensions in our marketplace. Buyers, Retailers and Business Owners are urged to upgrade the new version for their modules. This new Magento 2.0 version provides enhanced performance and scalability for the module that helps to boost your conversion rates and fulfill your business needs. Few modules from eGrove are:

•    Magento 2 Extension - Payeezy First Data GGe4 Hosted

This includes the integration of Magento 2 store with first data GGe4 payeezy hosted solution for a secured payment service without using an SSL certificate.

•    Magento 2 Extension - First Data Payeezy GGe4

This focuses on integrating the Magento 2 e-commerce store with first data GGe4 payeezy offering a smoother shopping and checkout experience.

•    Magento 2 Extension - Currency Auto Switcher + GeoIP Location

This allows the user to be identified based on their nativity and be redirected to the appropriate language site. This feature undoubtedly enhances customer experience and also a comprehensive understanding of the products.

So what is holding you back? Take the leap and reap benefits!

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    Magento 2 Payeezy First Data GGe4 Hosted Extension

    Magento 2 Payeezy First Data GGe4 Hosted Extension

    Offer secure payment services without using SSL certificate by integrating Magento 2 store with First Data GGe4 Payeezy Hosted solution Read More
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    Magento 2 Firstdata GGE4 API Extension

    Magento 2 Payeezy First Data GGe4 Extension

    Integrate Magento 2 eCommerce store with First Data GGe4 Payeezy to offer a seamless checkout experience to your customers. Read More
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    Magento 2 Currency Auto Switcher + GeoIP Location

    Identify and redirect visitors to their native language site automatically for better understanding of your products. Read More

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  1. Store Credit and Refund

    Store Credit and Refund

    Increase customer loyalty and process refunds with in-store currency Read More
  2. Shop By Brand

    Shop By Brand

    Let customers shop by the brand they can trust Read More
  3. Free Shipping Bar

    Free Shipping Bar

    Promote additional purchases with free shipping bar Read More
  4. Abandoned Cart

    Abandoned Cart Email

    Convert abandoned carts into orders

    Read More
  5. FAQ


    Create a FAQ section at your store Read More
  6. Subscription & Recurring Payments

    Subscription & Recurring Payments

    Create flexible subscriptions for your products or services

    Read More
  7. Who Viewed This Also Viewed

    Who Viewed This Also Viewed

    A low maintenance tool for identifying and displaying related products Read More
  8. Review Point

    Reward Points

    With the help of the extension you can build your own loyalty program Read More
  9. Help Desk Ultimate

    Help Desk Ultimate

    Magento 2 extension for managing customer tickets Read More
  10. AJAX Cart Pro

    AJAX Cart Pro

    Remove interruptions from the shopping process & Streamline add-to-cart function Read More
  11. Store Locator

    Store Locator

    To find nearby locations of your brick and mortar stores Read More
  12. RMA


    You have One stop solution to take care of all RMA aspects within your store Read More
  13. Coupon Code Generator

    Coupon Code Generator

    An extension for generating, delivering, and tracking individual coupon codes Read More
  14. Layered navigation

    Layered Navigation

    An enhancement that brings native layered navigation functionality up to industry standard Read More
  15. Gift Card

    Gift Card

    An extension for crafting the gift card which matches your specific business model and customer mindset. Read More
  16. Product Questions

    Product Questions

    For each product page create a designated communication area that allows customers to leave inquiries and share additional information about the products. Read More
  17. Automatic Related Products

    Automatic Related Products

    Create rules for assigning related products automatically Read More