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Magento Geo Based Banner Extension (Intelligent Ad Banner)

  • 20%

$ 39.0000
Display Ad Banners based on customers’ geo location to grasp their attention and increase sales.

Quick Overview

  • rightDisplay Ad Banner in left column, right column, content column positions.

  • rightDisplay Ad Banner in Home page, Category page and in Product detail page.

  • rightDisplay Customer's role and Geo Location based Ad Banners.

Regular Price: $49.00

Special Price $39.00

Product Description


Magento geo based banner extension is an exemplary effort to connect across to customers barring hurdles of geographies. This Magento Extension displays ad banners in the native language for capturing the interest of customers thereby elevating sales.

The Magento geo based banner extension allows the online supplier to advertise the products with an attractive banner based on the geo location. This helps in catching the attention of customers and reaching out to them in the native language which is an added advantage. This geo based banner can be accommodated in the left column, right column or the content column of the web page. The ad banner can also be placed in the category page, product page or the home page for attracting the customers at a single look. The customers can better comprehend the product details and opt for best options. The level of understanding increases as the information provided is in native language based on the geographical location of online store.

The module facilitates with the below listed features:

• Allows us to choose Ad Banner display positions - left column, right column, content column.
• Allows us to choose Ad Banner in display Pages - Home page, category page, product detail page.
• Allows us to choose Ad Banner for specific location - Allow all countries or specific countries.
• Allows us to choose Ad Banner for user roles - wholesalers, customers and etc.
• Allows us to enable referral URL and display the Ad from referred URL.


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This extension is helpful and I am pleased with the increase in my conversion rates. As i have global visitors, this extension helps me by redirecting the users to right banners in their native lanaguge and content relevant s, depending on the IP Address.



  • This module has been tested and works perfectly with Magento Community 1.7.x, 1.8.x


  • This extension is ionCube encrypted, ionCube loader should be installed on the web server
  • This extension uses mCrypt library to validate the licensing, mCrypt PHP library must be enabled on the web server 
  • The Ad Banner extension is compatible with Module Bazaar Magento Geo IP Extension. For the Ad Banner to display the Ads based on user’s Geo location, the Geo IP Extension should be enabled. 

Installation & Configuration:

  • Download the package and unzip ModulebazaarAdbanner-0.0.1.tgz file and you can find ModulebazaarAdbanner-0.0.1.tgz and Read me_en_Ad Banner_V1.0.pdf
  • After login to the website, go to System >>Magento Connect >>Magento Connect Manager.
  • After selecting the path click the “Choose File” option which you can see in the “Direct Package File Upload” in option number 2
  • Then upload the module from your computer (ModulebazaarAdbanner-0.0.1.tgz) and click the “Upload” option.
  • After the successful upload of the click refresh or Check for Upgrades.
  • Then logout from the admin panel and again login into the admin panel. Click the “Upload” option.

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