e-Commerce Tactics and Promo

e-Commerce Tactics and Promo Ideas For the Holiday Season

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e-Commerce Tactics and Promo Ideas

Festival season is the favorite time for shopaholics as they get to enjoy the best shopping experience at discounted rates. But is allowing a heavy discount the only possible way to convert your eCommerce store visitors into customers? Well, the promo offers and discounts are most popular among eCommerce websites to attract the audience. But that’s not the only way to boost your festival sale. Holiday and festival seasons are the best time for shoppers and eCommerce stores. If you manage to leverage the best marketing opportunities during this time, you can take your online business to the next level.

Celebrate this festival season by installing some of the top Magento 2 extensions. In this post, we will discuss the top three Magento 2 extensions that can boost your revenue. Let’s get started to know about its e-Commerce Tactics and Promo Ideas.

Cash on Delivery Pro Magento 2 Extension

First up on our list is cash on the delivery extension. As much as customers love online shopping, some don’t find the online payment option safe and convenient. Even if your website uses encrypted technology to ensure 100% transparent and safe transaction, you must allow cash on delivery payment option to let your customers pay once they receive the goods.

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By installing this Magento 2 extension, you can increase your sales and entice new customers to buy from your company without worrying about the online payment. You can even charge a small percent of the fee for allowing cash on delivery benefit. Not only will this Magento 2 extension increase your sales by encouraging new customers to purchase from you, but it will also boost your online reputation. This extension also allows eCommerce website owners to limit the cash on a delivery feature to specific areas. 

Pre-order extension 

By installing the pre-order extension on Magento 2, you allow your customers to pre-order a product. Even if the product gets out of stock, your customers can place an order for it. Now that it is a festival season, you never know how quickly the product from your inventory will be sold out. You don’t want to lose your customers to the competitors just because you have run out of stock. 

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That being said, it is important to buy and install the pre-order extension from Magento 2 and allow pre-order purchase facilities to your customers. As soon as this extension activates, the “Add to Cart” option will change into the “Pre Order” option. The store owners can write and show a special note for pre-order items on the shopping cart and the specific product page. When your customer uses pre order extension, they receive the product delivery as soon as the product is available in the store.

Stock notification extension

Stock notification on Magento 2 delivers a notifying message to all the customers that signed up for stock alerts on your website. As soon as the particular product is back to stock, they are notified. You don’t need to keep track of the customers who tried to purchase the products but couldn’t place an order since the item ran out of stock. This extension will send a notification automatically notifying them that the item is available and they can continue their purchase.

Stock notification extension is especially recommended during the festival and holiday season. Since you get many orders during this time, it is not uncommon to run short on the products. But don’t let your unavailable items drive your potential customers away. Install this extension and ask your customers and visitors to sign up for the stock alert message and receive the notification as soon as the product is back in stock. 

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