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2020 December
  • Shipping-Carrier-Extension

    Magento Shipping Carrier Extension

    Post Views: 150

    Nowadays people have turned to the internet to purchase everything, from books to houses. Hence, online shopping offers countless advantages to the users to make...

  • importance-of-Multiple-Payment-gateways-for-Subscription-business

    The importance of Multiple Payment gateways for a Subscription business

    Post Views: 137

    Can you imagine in the present time an internet-based platform that offers cash payment as the only option? Certainly, not! Internet banking, debit and credit...

  • what-is-best-Payment-Gateway-or-Virtual-Terminal

    Payment Gateway vs. Virtual Terminal

    Post Views: 169

    Within the last couple of years, the payment industry has achieved a boom in new product developments. It has confused consumers regarding how the payment...

  • payment-modules

    Use Multiple Payment Gateways to Avoid Payment Failure and Support More Options

    Post Views: 146

    Businesses that operate online are dependent on the services of payment gateways to securely process credit/debit card and other payments digitally. They are vital to...