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  • Python

    Selenium with Java vs Selenium with Python: Which Is Best Suited For Automated Testing?

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    Automation testing has altered the testing scenario in the software industry, and the Selenium test automation technology is one of the most widely used automated...

  • Python

    Google to Give Away 4000 Security Keys for Crucial Projects Developed on Python

    Post Views: 544

    PyPI has begun adopting a two-factor authentication (2FA) requirement for essential projects to strengthen the security of the Python ecosystem. This regulation will take effect in...

  • how-to-selecting-a-payment-gateway-for-your-ecommerce-store

    Factors consider before selecting a Payment Gateway for your eCommerce store

    Post Views: 156

    The eCommerce sector today is growing at the speed of the light. Blame it on the recent technological inventions or the people's changing tastes; the...

  • GDPR

    All you need to know about GDPR

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    So what is the entire buzz about the May 25th deadline and GDPR compliance? Are you an online retailer? Well, in that case you will...