Overcome uncertainties with the Magento 2 Pay COD

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As a habitual user of online shopping platforms I have met with several experiences which have both encouraged me and also de-motivated me from using online retail kiosks. Online shopping comes with its own bunch of advantages like saving time, eliminating the necessity to visit a brick-and-motor store and select products, the freedom to make a comparative analysis of different products from reputed brands on a single platform and so on. However, I have also encountered instances of adversities like inability of the retailer to deliver the product of good quality, mismatch of products ordered to name a few.

The true concern:

Yet another prevalent hiccup I found in online retailing was the factor of doubt with regard to the delivery of product. It so happened that I had ordered for a product, finished the check out process completing the payment process. However, I did not receive the product on time. There was a delay and I could do nothing but wait. There was no refund policy in place so I lost my hard-earned money.

This experience forced me to choose upon products which came with cash on delivery options thereafter. So I would strictly limit my purchases solely to products with a COD option. I had a feeling that I could check the product and only after I received it I needed to pay which was a great sign of relief for me.

The Magento 2 Pay COD:

So as I was intending to make a heavy purchase online. I kept browsing websites and found one particular kiosk which had a COD option activated –in online mode. Now that was great news as this was a huge amount and I was reluctant to draw it and keep it at home till the product arrival. I could easily track the delivery of my product and complete the payment just before its delivery.  This option was available for me during purchase and I grabbed it.

I am a happy customer! The product was delivered as ordered and I was able to pay the amount online just before the delivery of the product!

When I drilled deeper into the details of this option, I learnt that this was a Pay COD online extension for Magento 2 websites. Incorporate this module on an online kiosk for the users to select and make purchases with the COD option. Subsequently, the users can complete the payment through online procedures comfortably anytime before the delivery.

The features of this module also:

  • Enabled users to opt for the online COD payment during the product purchase. The users could complete the payment through online mode and make the payment anytime before the product reached them.
  • Allow the admin to enable and disable the “Pay COD” option whenever required. If you are the admin, you may decide on for how long you want to  enable this option and for what particular products.

The Magento 2 pay COD option is built by eGrove Systems which is an exemplary attempt to facilitate online payments for products while taking into consideration the concerns of the users.

Wrap Up:

I personally recommended websites which have integrated the Magento 2 Pay COD online option to my near and dear ones as this is the safest way to have our online shopping done without giving room for mishaps on any touch points.

This module is definitely going to breakthrough conventional shopping styles while attracting maximum online traffic and potential sales for online retailers.

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