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Is There An Extension That Allows Customers To Pay For Their Failed Orders?

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There’s nothing quite as annoying as a failed order when you are shopping online. Customers usually have to go back and search for the items they chose, initiate the checkout process all over again, and hope for the best. Most customers will give up altogether and go to another website. Naturally, you don’t want this to happen. Not only does it reflect poorly on your business, but it is also a direct loss of revenue. So is there any way that your customers can Pay Failed Order without any hassle? Yes, there is.  Installing the Magento 2 Order Failed Extension can help your customers retrieve their order and pay for it. Let’s take a look at how this works and the benefits of this Magento 2 extension.

How Does The Magento 2 Order Failed Extension Work?

The Magento 2 extension for managing failed orders can help your customers retrieve their shopping cart after they are unable to complete their purchase. This is usually due to payment issues due to network failure, transaction error or any page load issues during payment. The extension automatically recreates the order and applies any coupons used by the customer. The customer simply has to visit the My Orders section on your website and pay for the failed order. 

You can also configure the time length for which this option is available to the customer. There are several benefits of using the Magento 2 order failed extension.  

Improves Customer Experience 

This is a given. Installing this extension can help save a customer’s time that would otherwise be spent on searching for products, adding coupons, and purchasing again. The extension also increases the speed of the checkout process and reduces the rate of cart abandonment. An effective checkout process also increases the level of trust for the business.

Increases Trust 

Failed payment often makes a customer wary of your business, and they will prefer to peruse another website instead of trying to make a purchase again. Providing a quick solution to failed payments can help resolve this.

Provides Integrated Payment Gateways 

Your choice of payment gateway will also impact your customers. According to a report by JP Morgan Chase, 73 percent of customers buy from a business depending on the type of payment it accepts. The extension allows you to offer multiple payment options to customers by supporting all payment gateways on the merchant’s website.  

To Sum It Up 

The Magento 2 Order Failed extension is the perfect solution for resolving failed order issues on your eCommerce website. It improves the functionality of your online store and allows customers to Pay Failed Order without any further delay. This can improve the quality of customer experience and elevate the trust between a customer and a business. It also provides increased sales by giving the customer another chance to pay for failed orders. 

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