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Across a wide array of industry verticals, eCommerce is one of the most sought after solutions from a business point of view and today, it has become imperative to host an exclusive website for taking forward successfully their business. It is no doubt that having an online presence is highly beneficial as well as essential in today’s online marketing scenario. There are a plethora of software programs, innovative applications and online tools that are easily accessible in the market that promises to offer world-class eCommerce solutions. PrestaShop is widely reckoned as one of the most popular software platforms that comes with a vivid array of PrestaShop Modules add-ons that assists the online merchants to create a unique eCommerce website to thrive successfully in their online business process.

PrestaShop Product Label, Ribbon & Stickers Module

PrestaShop is one of the most reliable and flexible open-source eCommerce software solutions and has been accepted widely for its capabilities in the eCommerce world. The varied PrestaShop Modules such as PrestaShop Product Label, Ribbon & Stickers provide online merchants with everything they need, to commence, run and maintain a successful online store.

Brilliant product display

The products that are sold through online site ought to be displayed in the most attractive and precise manner. These Prestashop modules are handy to display all the products with a nice ribbon for special offers, new products, offer products, special products etc. But the important thing to be borne in mind is that the impact of using the product ribbons will not be effective if the product images are of inferior quality and would require extra loading time for the pictures to get loaded on the page that can lead to visitors to lose interest in staying on the site.

Also, the Prestashop Product Label, Ribbon & Stickers module facilitates the administrator to create the different ribbons and can apply the ribbons to the products which help in highlighting the new products with labels such as “NEW”, “Added 2 days ago”, “New Arrival (3 days)”etc. that help increase the product sales. Another benefit of using the Prestashop add-ons is that it enables the admin to add or edit or even delete the ribbons used for the products on the site.

Marketplace & Dropshipper – Prestashop Modules

Managing a marketplace with numerous vendors is not as easy task. This is where the newly introduced PrestaShop MarketPlace module comes in handy. This module effectively facilitates online businesses to set up and run their business across a marketplace platform, in addition to enabling the amazing feature of dropshipper. This module combines the benefits of a marketplace and dropshipper module into one package to efficiently track and manage several vendors and their products from one place, apart from the handling of product catalog, orders, invoices, manifests, payments etc effortlessly. Other rich features of this module include fast shipping process, secure payment services, enhanced website visibility, social media interactions, multiple language support, multiple currency format support etc.

The dropshipper feature integrated into the marketplace module is incredibly functional with amazing in-built features that are easy to configure and it smoothly takes total control of the entire multi-shipping management. Also, by automating the shipping process saves considerable time, reduces the risk of manual data entry errors and facilitates the shipments to be dispatched quickly. Further, this module adeptly facilitates and optimizes the way orders are managed and coordinated with multiple vendors.

PayPal Payflow Pro Module

Establishing a PrestaShop eCommerce website facilitates to run an online business in an efficient manner and lets the existing and potential clients get to know about new products and services that are offered. Above all, through integrating the PrestaShop PayPal Module to the PrestaShop site, customers can experience an efficient online payment processing that remains to be the vital aspect in creating a PrestaShop e-commerce site to absorb new customers and to enhance sales. Also, this module facilitates online merchants to offer checkout on their own site that is PCI compliant, apart from enabling automatic fraud screening to keep merchant and customers safe.

Benefits of using PayPal Payflow Pro Module

  • It can accept all major credit card payments from the customers to make the payment process a hassle free process.
  • Enables to collect the credit card details from the customers through the PrestaShop website itself and can process the payment transaction through the PayPal in a secure manner.
  • The PayPal payment gateway integration facilitates the customer to stay on merchant’s website during the entire payment transaction.
  • Also, the Prestashop Payment Gateway provides facilities to cancel any type of unsettled transactions and supports the refund amount from configuration page.

Prestashop Social Power Pack

The PrestaShop social power pack module allows a user to add several popular social buttons to their site and facilitates to enhance website audience through using this advanced sharing tool.

Some of the features of Prestashop Social Power Pack are:

  • The module helps to add most of the social share buttons.
  • The Social Share includes Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, ShareThis, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Email, Technorati, Newsvine, Blogmarks, Digg, Reddit etc.
  • Allows different styles of each plugin and the users can choose the buttons based on their theme.
  • Support share widgets to add the tabs to the website pages and can handle multiple media tabs per page.

Dropshipper Complete Module

PrestaShop is a reliable open-source eCommerce platform that has accessed wide recognition among online merchants worldwide. Offering a multitude of extensions to enhance the functionality and appearance of an e-commerce site, the PrestaShop platform also offers the flexible Dropshipper complete module that can be integrated with reputed shipping companies such as USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, etc. The PrestaShop Module is an ideal solution for efficiently managing the entire dropshipping process in a hassle free manner.

Benefits of using a DropShipping facility in Prestashop eCommerce store:

  • Eliminates the need to maintain a warehouse.
  • Online store owners are relieved of warehouse related workload.
  • The store owner can save on warehouse rent, staff salary, energy cost, building tax, packaging cost, good’s insurance, shipping cost and much more.

Free PrestaShop Modules

To support the development for PrestaShop Website, Module Bazaar, the online marketplace offers PrestaShop modules for free to start your eCommerce business. Module Bazaar offers a wide range of Free PrestaShop Modules that satisfy all your eCommerce business requirements. Using these Free PrestaShop modules you can enhance your store and increase the site traffic. We have a PrestaShop team that is keen and passionate about fulfilling challenging business requirements. Our professional PrestaShop development team has helped more than 1000 clients to design, develop, customize and optimize their eCommerce stores.


With the fast shift to digital technology and with the growing online shopping trend, fine-tuning the online business process has become the need of the hour for online businesses across the world. As consumers today prefer online shopping to offline shopping, PrestaShop Modules serves as an ideal open source e-commerce platform to build efficient e-commerce store to augment the business process. Also, PrestaShop software comes with a number of PrestaShop modules such as PrestaShop Product Label, Ribbon & Stickers module, Marketplace & Dropshipper Module, PayPal Payflow Pro Module etc. to enable online store owners to customize the design and functionality of their PrestaShop store with all the features required for running the online business process successfully.

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