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Best PrestaShop Module – Ease Customization for an Online eCommerce Store

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The higher the convenience of the users to browse and choose a product in the eCommerce platform – the higher is the probability of conversion. This is precisely the need and demand of customization in the eCommerce applications. Unlike other informative web sites which mostly focus on making the customer aware of certain product launches or any other marketing sites primarily used to promote a product, eCommerce platforms effects a sale of a product and involves real time transaction of money from the customer to the service providers. This can be achieved easily though Prestashop Modules.

Best PrestaShop Modules

In such a scenario, customers do look for certain customized features which would help them make a cautious decision on whether to purchase the product or not.

Key Customization that Customers look for in an eCommerce Website

Apart from the recommended products view that customers get on their home screen based on the previous track record of the various search criteria that the customer has placed while browsing in the eCommerce website, there are certain other features as well which customers prefer to make a choice of products:

  1. Customers prefer to add their design and look and feel of the product which would in turn search all the products available against the uploaded design and return a set of product to the users which match the design
  2. Customers also prefer dynamic and customized preview functionality where in they can preview the product while changing the color of the product, size of the product and view the same at different angles and views.

Key Functionality which all eCommerce providers Prefer

Apart from the various states of art functionalities and features which are provided by technical platforms, eCommerce providers mostly prefer to have the route to payment on each and every landing page that the customer visits while choosing the product. This means that once the customer makes a decision to purchase the product, there should not be any delay whatsoever in facilitating the customer to the payment screen so that the transaction can be made and the sale can be recorded.

PrestaShop Module Customization – Help obtain all state or art features

PrestaShop, as evident from market surveys, is one of the most preferred platforms for development of eCommerce applications. The custom modules provided by PrestaShop help developers to include all of the customization features which customers seek to have in their eCommerce web sites. PrestaShop Module Customization helps eCommerce developers to add a product customization module to the web applications which enables customers to design products on the page so as to set their expectations and search criteria on what exactly they are looking for.

A few of the features which are provided by the product customization feature of PrestaShop are mentioned below for reference:

  1. eCommerce providers can add design panels to each of the product for which they wish to equip the user to upload or post their own preferred design patterns.
  2. Enable features so that customers can edit colors of the product, textures, add images, designs etc.
  3. Feature of setting customized pricing as per the target market and the product.

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