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Dropshipper Complete Module For PrestaShop Can Now Save You $70

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The Dropshipper Module for Prestashop is an excellent choice for retailers and commercial vendors. This module aids and optimizes the way customers place their orders, thus enticing more Dropshipper to your company. It can restrict shipping fees based on the delivery address, product weight, product cost, and product volume. This prestashop dropshipper module can also determine shipping fees based on the number of addresses specified and products being presented to each particular address. Moreover, it allows the user to specify the number of shipping addresses for a single order.

This PrestaShop Module facilitates with the below-listed features:

  • Allows multiple shipping origins per order
  • Allows retailers to create their shipping carriers
  • Allows retailers to create a different flat rate for each supplier/ vendor
  • Allows retailer to create different logins for suppliers/vendors
  • Has added ability to calculate shipping cost based on weight, cost, and quantity
  • Allows retailer to configure the minimum order amount for free shipping
  • Has added ability to view supplier/vendor wise sales report for a given period and a given order status
  • Sends automatic order information to buyer and supplier/vendor
  • Sends automatic shipment information to buyer
  • Allows supplier/vendor to produce tracking id for orders and update it
  • Allows supplier/vendor to produce UPS shipping Label
  • Allows supplier/vendor to combine shipping comments and update it
  • Displays specified break-up of shipping cost in buyer invoice
  • Allows various supplier/vendor for a particular order
  • Built with maximum of the trusted 3rd party carriers
  • Splits the product in invoice grouping lowed on supplier/vendor
  • Allows retailer to combine handling fees
  • Allows retailers to produce supplier/vendor profile
  • Allows buyer to add products to cart and determine shipping cost without logging in
  • Sends invoice to the buyer without original supplier/vendor information

How it’s used for PrestaShop eCommerce website and benefits the owner?

Vendor/ Supplier Management

The Dropshipper Module allows your vendor/supplier to view their orders, generate a tracking ID, and edit the shipping status through his login. It streamlines the supply-chain logistics, communications and eliminates errors and obstacles associated with standard or semi-manual processes. Enjoy cost savings within robust supply chain automation!

Advanced Shipping Cost Setting

The dropshipper complete module enables retailers to derive advanced methodologies in the shipping cost calculation. Assign shipping cost based on the weight, cost, quantity and zip code. The module is designed to automatically estimate additional shipping rates based on your selection. Make a smarter shipping cost calculation to expand your eCommerce marketplace operations.

Reports For Admin & Vendor

The dropshipper module for PrestaShop facilitates expedites for both the retailer and the vendor. Admin can retrieve the reports that are categorized based on the suppliers and the for an order status within a specified date range. Suppliers can login with their credentials and introduce reports based on time span or customers.


Advanced Shipping

Configure your existing shipping carriers and also build your shipping carrier. Get active about shipping and see your return on investment soar.

Split Order

Forget about the troubles of multiple vendors per order! DropShipper Module splits down your customer’s order into items based on the respective vendors. It also separates the ordered items based on the suppliers and their shipping carriers.The split can be observed in the invoice sent to the customer.


If you are willing to get some Help to make shipping process more effective by easily managing multiple vendors and shipping carriers in your web-store, then this complete pack module is best for you and you can get it on special price with 28% discount and you can save upto $70 within your purchase. You can also Send Invoice to your customer immediately once the order is completed. Provide them detailed information about the order and shipping process which makes them feels satisfied.

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