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RMA Returns and Refunds with an SMS eCommerce solution for Magento 2

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RMA or Returns Management is a complicated process that is known to require adequate handling. The RMA extension for Magento 2 is known to enable the submission of requests from both the admin area and the storefront (customer account & dedicated forms for the guests). 

In addition to the selection of items for return, a customer is expected to provide answers for several questions with respect to the item and package conditions, resolution of requests, and so more. As all RMA-specific form fields tend to be customized, the admin is given the freedom to decide the information regarding the return that has been provided. Admins, through this advanced eCommerce solution, are also capable of monitoring all RMA requests from the committed grid. At the same time, the customers can also oversee the respective progress of the given request while exchanging messages with the admin.

Magento 2 RMA with SMS Integration

The given extension or eCommerce solution is known to make it simpler for the eCommerce store owners of Magento 2 to add the options of “returns” and “refunds” to the respective online stores. At the same time, with the help of this extension, both admins as well as customers can view data related to returns and refunds in the respective dashboard. Moreover, they can also monitor the admin section effectively.

The functionality of return duration by Magento 2 RMA is also implemented in the given extension. This functionality is known to enable the respective eCommerce store owners to enforce the respective return policy in an effective manner. The given extension is also known to help in the generation of SMS push notifications for relevant events during the given return process. SMS integration is known to occur with the help of HTTP-based API that is available with most of the existing SMS providers through relevant eCommerce solutions.

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Features of Magento 2 RMA with SMS Integration

User-centric Features

  • Being a user of the given extension, you can initiate the return from the subsequent pages:
  • The users can also look forward to returning the product within the specified number of days after the completion of an order. This functionality is utilized by the eCommerce store owners to enforce the given number of days for the specific return window.
  • The default form of “orders & returns” in Magento –can be utilized without user login
  • The user’s dashboard –delivering return action for orders that are eligible to be returned
  • The users also receive SMS notification and email for confirming the return mechanism in the given eCommerce solution.

Admin-centric Features

  • Admin can look forward to configuring the returnable period for the given store –in a specific number of days.
  • Admin can look forward to updating master data including the reason of return, condition of the package, resolution, and status of the return.
  • Admin is capable of managing the specific “Terms & Conditions” section for the return of products
  • Admin is also known to handle the entire lifecycle of the return mechanism from the backend.

SMS Integration

Magento 2 extension RMA comes with effective SMS integration for the generation of refund or return requests through SMS. This helps in increasing the overall utility of the return extension as users tend to be well-informed in an effective manner. Services provided from any SMS vendor featuring HTTP API can also be utilized for configuring SMS through the eCommerce solution.

The control of RMA specifications in the e-commerce store with the help of the dedicated RMA module in Magento 2 can help in making return submissions simplified for the end customers with the help of the intuitive RMA request forms. Moreover, it also helps in saving time by ensuring the approval of the incoming requests in an automatic manner.

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