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How Do I Integrate Live Chat On My Website?

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Live Chat Plugins has become an integral part of your website development process. As the competition has increased, webmasters have started integrating live chat support system on their websites to offer the best user experience.

This is no longer an era when people would wait for hours for your support team to read their queries and respond to their problems via email. To ensure that your user gets the best purchasing or browsing experience on your website, you need to integrate a live chat system on your website. 

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Earlier, live chat was considered a luxury for webmasters. Integrating this system into their website was not only a challenging but an expensive job. But as time passed by, developers came up with effective plugins and software that make the overall process a whole lot easier and cheaper. In fact, some WordPress plugins allow users to install live chat for free. Here we have come up with some interesting tools that can help you install a live chat support system on your website effortlessly and quickly. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Use Live Chat Plugins

Do you know the websites with a live chat system enjoy higher conversion rates? There can’t be a better way to improve your customer’s engagement rate than installing the live chat support service on your website. If you have built your eCommerce website or a blog on WordPress, you can install live chat system plugins to integrate the chat support system to your website.

One such plugin that speeds up the live chat integration process is the live chat website plugin. As the name suggests, live chat is an easy-to-use and the latest WordPress plugin that supports live chat support integration to a website. Once you have installed the plugin, you can integrate the live chat and welcome your visitors with a customized chat box that pops up at the bottom of their screens. The customers can chat with the agent using this chatbox and give ratings and reviews once the conversation ends. Live Chat plugin is especially known for its cool and advanced features. 

  • You don’t have to wait for customers to initiate the conversation. By installing this plugin, you can take the first step to start the communication. This increases the chances of your customers leaving your website with a good experience.
  • The chat window that appears at the bottom of your web page is customizable.
  • The webmaster can collect full records of the previous chats.
  • Users get to enjoy a free 14-day trial period using which they can test this service for free and decide if it is worth their money.
  • The webmasters can manage all the chats using a single dashboard.
  • The customer’s chatbox is marked with a specific color that allows the webmaster to determine how long the user has been waiting for the agent. 

Zendesk Chat Integration

Another live chat software that the webmasters prefer to integrate the live chat services on their website is Zendesk chat. The software offers fast and easy communication. It increases the customer engagement rate by offering quick support whenever they need it. 

Zendesk chat software initiates the conversation with the website visitors and provides great assistance to the users throughout their website-stay. The Zendesk chat also allows the agents to share pictures and guides for better customer experience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Install the live chat plugins to integrate the live chat system on your website. Provide the best experience to your users and reduce the cart abandonment rate. Good Luck!

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