DropShipper PrestaShop - Advanced Flat rate Builder

DropShipper PrestaShop with Advanced Flat rate Builder

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PrestaShop DropShipper

Most of the eCommerce store merchants feel very difficult during the shipping of products from the store to the customers. To make the shipping process very easy and quick, the experienced and dedicated developers created a DropShipper module for the PrestaShop eCommerce software. The PrestaShop DropShipper helps the merchants to serve the best shipping process to the customers in their stores. It offers the excellent shopping experience to the customers. This DropShipper helps the merchants to capture the customer order and transfer it to a manufacturer or vendor directly. Based on the shipping details in the order the customer receives the goods directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler.

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DropShipper – eCommerce store

DropShipper is a retail fulfilment method which helps the merchants to deliver the product without keeping it as a stock. The major advantage of the DropShipper method is you can easily launch an eCommerce store without investing thousands of dollars in inventory up front. You need not to worry about the fulfilment and the inventory issues; about managing or paying for a warehouse; packing and shipping your orders; tracking inventory for accounting reasons, handling returns and inbound shipments; continually ordering products and managing stock level. It ships the products from the national level to the international level, so you can easily provide the services to all the customers in the globe.

DropShipper module

The DropShipper module comes with an excellent features such as Single order Multiple shipping; Tie-ups with most 3rd party carriers; streamlined supply-chain logistics communication, delivery service options for every shipping method and so on. The DropShipper Multi Features gives more benefits to both the merchants and the customers. These features make the shipping process in the PrestaShop based eCommerce store very fast and secure. Using advanced flat rate builder is one of the important and the best features in the DropShipper module. This feature attracts the customers to buy more products from the store.

Advanced Flat rate Builder

A flat rate is a pricing structure that charges a single fixed fee for a service. In dealing with the shipping of parcels and documents, a flat rate means that no matter how big the purchase (weight or size) the shipping cost will be the same. They make up the difference on small items versus the larger ones. For example, if you buy a pen, they will charge you $9.75 and the next day you buy a washer and dryer, they will charge you $9.75. They eat the cost of the larger item and make money on the smaller one.

But in this DropShipper module, the advanced flat rate builder provides the cost based on the suppliers. Each supplier can have a special flat rate and the merchant can configure the advanced flat rate builder based on this business requirement. The shipping cost is calculated based on the buyers purchase quantity, weight, and their location. That means, it offers the excellent rating system in the PrestaShop eCommerce store.

The DropShipper eCommerce allows the merchant to display own flat rate carrier charges for shipping at checkout as default. The merchant can select the suppliers from the drop down list. Then the DropShipper allows the merchant with two options such as Basic Shipping Cost (By weight, Cost, and items) and Additional Shipping Cost (zip / postal code of the country). Based on this, the merchant can set up the flat rate in his eCommerce store. This advanced flat rate builder attracts many customers and makes them buy more products from the PrestaShop store.

Download: DropShipper PrestaShop with Advanced Flat rate Builder

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