Enhance Your Customer Experience With Dropshipper Complete Module for Prestashop

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The Dropshipper Module for Prestashop is an exceptional choice for retailers and business vendors. This module aids and optimizes the process in which customers fix their orders, thus attracting more Dropshipper to your company. It can reduce shipping fees based on the shipment address, product cost, product weight, and product volume. The PrestaShop module can also define shipping fees based on the number of addresses defined and products being proffered to each particular address. Moreover, it enables the user to specify the number of shipping addresses for a single order.

The module facilitates the below-listed features:

  •    Allows multiple shipping origins per order
  •    Allows retailers to create their shipping carriers
  •    Allows retailers to build a unique flat rate for each supplier/ vendor
  •    Allows retailer to generate unique logins for suppliers/vendors
  •    Has capability to rate shipping charge based on cost, weight, and quantity
  •    Grants retailer to configure the least order amount of free shipping
  •    Has capability to view supplier/vendor wise sales report for a given period and order status
  •    Sends automatic order knowledge to buyer and supplier/vendor
  •    Sends automated shipment notification to buyer
  •    Allows supplier/vendor to produce tracking id for orders and update it
  •    Allows supplier/vendor to create UPS shipping Label
  •    Allows supplier/vendor to combine shipping remarks and update it
  •    Displays detailed break-up of shipping expense in buyer invoice
  •    Allows multiple supplier/vendor for an appropriate order
  •    Built with utmost of the trusted 3rd party carriers
  •    Splits the product in inventory grouping based on supplier/vendor
  •    Allows retailer to append handling fees
  •    Allows retailers to produce supplier/vendor profile
  •    Allows buyer to combine products with cart and calculate shipping cost outwardly logging in
  •   Sends invoice to the consumer without original supplier/vendor data

Vendor/supplier management

Prestashop multi-vendor Drop Shipper Module allows your vendor/supplier to update his product inventory, order, and shipping status of any customer order through his login. It lets the retailer add dissimilar vendors and specify products to them based on its condition and demand. It empowers vendors to obtain and view pertinent information via online orders. It streamlines the supply-chain logistics communications and reduces errors and delays associated with standard or semi-manual processes. Enjoy cost maintenances through robust supply chain mechanization!

Advanced shipping cost setting

Derive exceptional methodologies in shipping cost calculation. Assign shipping expense based on the weight, value, and quantity. Let DropShipper Module automatically determine additional shipping rates based on your selection. Make active shipping cost calculation to boost your e-commerce marketplace operations.

Create own shipping carrier

Configure your existing shipping carriers and also create your shipping carrier. Get active about shipping and watch your ROI soar.

Split order

Forget about the hassles of various vendors per order! Drop Shipper Module distributes your customer order into items based on the respective vendors. It also separates the reserved items based on the suppliers and their freight carriers.

Records for Admin & Vendor

The module expedites reports for both the retailer and the vendor. Admin can reclaim the reports that are categorized based on the suppliers he has. Suppliers can log in with their credentials and import records based on time span or customers.

Zip code or location-based rates

Dropshipper Module manages shipping expense based on zip code or region provided by a customer on the delivery address and delivers the best options that give the most insight to the customer. Conserve time and money!

Email notifications

Dropshipper Module enables you to send programmed emails to both customers and suppliers after sequence placement.

Each vendor shipping configuration

Assign more than one reasonable shipping carrier to each vendor, to prepare the best possible route for your customer.

Shipping configuration

Configure your shipping carrier with their specified credentials. If a shipping carrier is formed, its details can be configured with your login name and password. Other configuration specifications include Package Type, API Key, Pick up type, and delivery service, etc.

Explicate as warehouse & deceive vendor

Demonstrate your produce in your online store the way you require them. Mark them as warehouse products and deceive vendors till the order is finished.

Multiple shipping origins

Multiple shipping addresses can be determined by a particular order. This PrestaShop Module will please the supplier with a map having products with appropriate shipping addresses for one specific order. Make your customers sense comfortable by allotting different shipping addresses for an appropriate order.

Custom invoice generation

Transfer Statement to your customer directly once the order is completed. Provide them consummate information about the order and shipping process which makes them overwhelmed by your online storefront.

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