Delivery slot with REST API for Magento 2

Advantages of Delivery Slot with REST API for Magento 2 to Enhance Your Business

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With the increasing demand for a personalized shopping experience, merchants have started using reliable and versatile eCommerce content management systems such as Magento 2. The platform not only makes shopping easier, but it also ensures smooth and hassle-free transactions. Magento 2 extensions are specifically designed to help merchants streamline their day-to-day store management tasks.

One such interesting tool for Magento 2 is the Delivery Slot with REST API. It enhances the user’s shopping experience by enabling them pick a suitable delivery slot while ordering products on the eCommerce store. Not only do you get to pick a preferred delivery slot, but customers can enter special instructions during the checkout process. You can find these delivery instructions on the confirmation page. The merchant can schedule the order delivery according to these instructions.

What is Delivery Slot with REST API? How Does it Work?

The best part is that the eCommerce store owners get to install this delivery slot module into their mobile apps as well. Whether you have iOS or Android apps, Delivery Slot with REST API extension could be integrated into your eCommerce mobile app for smoother and easier access. Using the Delivery Slot with the REST API module, the merchant could connect particular zip codes to a specific delivery slot. Also known as slot groups, these zip codes are quite easy to map to the delivery slots. As soon as the customer adds their delivery address, the module starts its search of the relevant slots the particular zip code is mapped to. The extension shows the respective delivery slots to the customer. The tool has proven pretty useful for merchants. Using the extension, they can track the delivery to a particular location as conveniently as possible.

If the merchant is unable to process the delivery to specific zip codes on some special occasions or at certain hours of the day, they can block these zip codes for the restricted timings. So, if your customer places an order and enters the restricted zip code or the restricted timings, then the module will not display the delivery slot to the user. Admin can manage the delivery slots as per his convenience. They get to edit, delete, restrict, and add details to the delivery slots. Here we have listed the common benefits of Delivery Slot with REST API module:

Benefits of Delivery Slot with REST API

  • The merchant gets to integrate the Delivery Slot with the REST API module to their HTML 5 and Android/iOS mobile application for easy delivery processing.
  • The extension enables the admin to map certain zip codes to the selected delivery slots.
  • The admin gets to enter the special occasion and holidays on which the delivery request of the user can’t be processed. Based on this info, they can restrict certain zip codes for the holidays and the timings when the delivery to a particular location is not possible.
  • Customers cannot pick these restricted times or holidays. Even if they do, the module will not display the delivery slot.
  • The extension increases conversion rates as more customers will want to shop with an eCommerce store that prioritizes their delivery requirements.
  •  Customers get a chance to add certain delivery instructions while submitting their delivery address. The merchant can look into these instructions and schedule the delivery to the particular address accordingly
  • It enhances customers’ engagement as they get to enjoy a personalized and smooth order delivery experience.

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