Stock notification Extension for Magento 2

How Stock Notification for Magento 2 Can Ease Your Pain?

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Offering personalized services to your customers have become more of a necessity in today’s competitive business environment. Setting up your online business on Magento 2 is the first step to attracting your target audience. But, if you want your eCommerce store to stand out from the competitors, you will need to install the best Magento 2 extensions to offer a personalized shopping experience to your customers. One such module for Magento 2 eCommerce stores is the Stock Notification. 

The stock notification module allows your prospects to subscribe to a particular search term if the product they are looking for is temporarily out of stock or unavailable in your store. Once the customer has subscribed to the search term, the extension will send a customized email message notifying the user about the availability of the product. The message is delivered automatically to the user once the store has added the searched product or a similar item that the customer might want to purchase.

Magento 2 Stock Notification Module There is also a ‘Notify Me’ button, which allows your customers to receive a notification as soon as the store has added the required product to the stock. The merchant needs to configure the extension only once. As soon as you have integrated the module with your Magento 2 eCommerce shop, you can expect an automated and customized message to be delivered to the customer once the product is available for purchase. Stock Notification extension is extremely useful for eCommerce stores.

Do not let your customers go to another store just because it is temporarily unavailable in your stock. Let them subscribe to the search term and get an instant notification as soon as the product is available in stock. This increases your customer retention by getting your customers come back on your website to complete their purchase.

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Perks of Stock Notification Extension

The Stock notification extension is an ultimate option for eCommerce store owners who are planning to build customer engagement and retention. Usually, people never return to a website if the store doesn’t have the product they are looking for. They rather find it easy to search for the product on another eCommerce website

Stock Notification gives your customers an assurance that they will be notified once the product is back in stock. An email reminder is sent to the customer once the store has added the product to the inventory. This way they can complete their purchase and engage with your brand. Let’s have a look at the other benefits of the stock notification extension.

  • Out-of-stock Product Notification

Out-of-stock products drive your users away from your eCommerce store. Some users never return to a website, while others keep coming back often to check if the product is back in stock or not. Either way, it causes inconvenience to your prospects. By allowing your users to hit the ‘Notify Me’ option, you promise to send a notification as soon as the product is available for sale. This gives your customers peace of mind that they will be notified when the product is back again. 

  • No Search Results Notification

There are times when your customers may look for a specific product using the search function and they are unable to find the items matching their search term. This is different from the out-of-stock product. However, it results in the same inconvenience since your customers can’t find the product they were looking for. 

By subscribing to the search term, your customers will be notified as soon as the search results are available. 

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