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Smartest way to Create a Website Using Python Clone Script

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Python Groupon Clone is the smartest module introduced for the merchants looking to enhance their product by increasing traffic at the shopping sites. Python script based Python group deal save a lot of valuable time. The main aim of this group deal is to attract customers by affording more deals and to increase profits on a daily basis. Groupon Clone Script makes use of Python Clone script to create Groupon-Like the site. Groupon is the daily deal websites that serves many major international markets, offering one coupon per day in each these markets. Groupon serves 500 markets and 48 countries, the many major geographic markets internationally include cites in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Ukraine, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany, Greece, etc.

Python is a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. The language provides constructs intended to enable clear programs on both a small and large scale. Pay Group Deal – Group buy script loads faster and has an appealing User interface! The module is intensively tested and very much appreciated by the Administrators, Merchants and Users as well! The Python Clone Script module supports many features like payment gateway integration, mass payment option, newsletter subscription; refer friends, report generation, coupon code generation, product display, and payment gateway integration.


Python Groupon Clone

The module supports PayPal Pro payment gateway. PayPal Pro is the ideal payment gateway for product purchase. This payment gateway is used for the customers to experience a secured and seamless payment transaction. The merchants offer deal with the customers like 50% discount on purchase of mobile phone of each five. The Authorized deals will be captured when the deal reaches the minimum subscriber level. If the deal offer time limit ends and still the customer have not reached the minimum subscriber level, payments made by the customer will be automatically refunded to the customers account at the end of the deal day. Time and date limit will be automatically activated on each deal. On the end date of each deal, time and date limit will be automatically deactivated.

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Mass payment option allows the merchants to process multiple payments which save the merchants time rather than processing single customer at a time. Newsletter subscription option helps to subscribe the information about a particular product to the user. The merchants can subscribe the customers via email about the new deals or any updates about the product in order to increase the sales percentage. The customers can refer your deal to their friends by using share our link and comments features. The module allows to refer more friends by importing contact list from the users Gmail account. Two reports can be generated, one for the merchant and the other one is for the admin. The merchant login has an option to generate reports with XLS (MS Excel) format. Report generator provides detailed information about the products to the merchant. The site administrator can generate the reports for the entire product range.

The module allows the merchant to create a coupon code. A coupon code will also contain information on the value of the coupon and validity. The module allows the merchant to send this coupon code to the customer email id. Status of the coupons could be checked to trace out the used and unused coupons. The products can be displayed by the category wise and the city. Other features supported by this module are Facebook login and affording gifts in the form of deals to the friends. The admin Control Panel is used to change the product image, configure the upcoming deals, upload product videos, and to display the slide show of deals. The module allows the merchants and the users to view the deals (Available, Used and Expired deals). The user can view their gift history at any time.

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