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Payment Integration Service for an Online eCommerce Store

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Payment integration Service is one of the daunting tasks that an eCommerce store owner has to take care. They have to seek the help of their website designers to help them choose the best payment integration process. It is important to have the right Payment Gateway Integration, but how can you take up such a decision without any hassle?

What type of eCommerce platform you choose?

In the beginning you must inquire your website builder what platform you have chosen and what payment integration suits those platforms. If you have been developing your project on something like SaaS-based like, Shopify or BigCommerce or you have chosen self-hosted platform like WooCommerce or Magento, you will come across off-the-shelf extensions to help you integrate the popular extensions.

How safe is your Payment Gateway Integration?

Next, you need to decide upon what should be the way to take payment details from your customers, so that they are safe and customers are assured to share. The smooth experience is sharing of payment details on a simple form, but you need to take every security measure to remain PCI compliant. Another alternative is to take payment details directly through your site is to check out the form in secure iframe that takes customers to a hosted payment page.

Do you want to offer customers with PayPal Payment Integration?

You do not necessarily want your customer to stay fixed to one payment gateway. Many eCommerce platforms allow you to choose from multiple payment options. The most popular of them is the PayPal. Most of the customers have their own PayPal accounts and they prefer to make payment by it rather using their credit cards. PayPal Payment Integration considers offering PayPal as an alternative to pay for their product.

Even the users can also use Authorize.net Gateway, to pay through echecks or credit cards.

The longevity of the contract

Some of the payment providers have known to lock the merchants with a contract of two year span. This could be a problem if you feel unsatisfactory with the provider for some reason or the other. There are providers are happy to have merchants who use them on a monthly reviving contract. Make sure you understand the terms clearly before signing.

Crosscheck the reputation of the provider

Before you get into a deal with them, make sure that the provider has a good reputation in the market. Some of the payment providers do have problems in outrages. There are payment integration channels that are known to block merchants money without a due cause. If you have not heard about a particular payment provider make sure to crosscheck or avoid simply and move on to the next options.

Make sure the payment gateway does, as you need. See whether you are looking for recurring payments from your customers or perhaps you act as a marketplace, taking payments on behalf of the sellers. Most payment gateways come with restricted functionality, so make sure the gateway you consider has the features that you require and do not fall short of it.


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