Payeezy first data level II & III for business

How Payeezy First Data Level II and III in RPM for Magento 2 is Going to Change Your Business Strategies

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With the increasing demand for secure and fast payments, most Magento based eCommerce websites have started integrating the strong extensions on their Magento 2 stores. According to the research, most companies end up losing a significant number of their potential customers due to lengthy and hectic checkout process. In fact, 70% of customers add products to their cart but never purchase them. Here the major issue is the inconvenient checkout form.

So far, the Payeezy First Data payment portal is considered one of the most reliable and safest transaction gateways for eCommerce industries. Not only does it allow merchants to accept payments from their customers, but it gives you access to the important data that could be used to boost your customer retention rate.

The easy and short checkout procedure of Payeezy First data makes it convenient for customers to shop for their desired products and initiate the transaction in simple steps. They no longer need to fill the lengthy checkout forms. One such Magento 2 extension that aims to streamline the online transaction and speed up checkout procedure is Payeezy First Data RPM Level II & III. In this post, we will discuss the features and benefits of this advanced eCommerce solution for your online store. Let’s have a look:

How Payeezy First Data Level II and III in Magento 2

First Data Level II and III in Magento 2 extension is designed to allow merchants retrieve transactions with level II and level III data seamlessly. Customers need not worry about their financial and sensitive information as the extension does not store customer’s card details.

In order to integrate this extension to your Magento 2 store, you need to switch your default payment solution to the Payeezy First Data Global GGe4 Payment Gateway. You can integrate this advanced Level II and Level III extension with the Magento 2 eCommerce store following the simple installation steps. Basically, the extension is responsible for capturing the card details, verifying information, and passing these details to the First Data.

There’s nothing to worry about as the entire process is carried out smoothly and securely. With First Data Level II and III integrated with the Magento 2 store, the eCommerce stores can leverage the advanced transaction search engines to get access to the payments that have Level II and Level III data. The module allows merchants to view refunds, settled payments, and other transaction-related information from the admin panel.

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Features of First Data Level II and III in Magento 2

  • First Data Level II and III module is based on Magento 2 main credit extension to capture credit card details and validate the data.
  • The module allows merchants to ‘Authorize’ or ‘Authorize & Capture’ the transaction. Merchants can collect the payment later if they choose the second option.
  •  Adhering to the PCI Compliance, the First Data Level II and III module does not save your credit card details.
  •  Store owners get to access, manage, and capture transactions from the control interface
  •  The module supports major credit cards including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.
  •  It allows the store owners to collect payment from customers via the First Data GGe4 Gateway
  • The credit cards supported for level II data are American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.
  • The module supports a broad range of transactions including tagged purchase and return, force post, purchase, refund, and completion.

Set Magento first data payment gateway as your default payment portal and enjoy the unlimited benefits of the Payeezy First Data Level II and III module.

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