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Surpass competition with the “Magento 2 payeezy first data GGe4 extension”

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With the increase in adoption of online shopping, the need for retailers to ensure exemplary shopping experiences at a single click has become very important. From display of product catalogues to the final check out process, it has become prerequisite for online stakeholders to deliver the best at a snap of time.

Such being the scenario, payment gateways are a cardinal part of an online kiosk which keeps your cash desks ringing throughout.

Importance of Payment Gateways!

Evidently, a payment gateway captures critical customer information like bank and card details to process a transaction. Any undue mishaps with regard to this aspect of the kiosk could send your entire online image into a tizzy. Therefore, it is pivotal to have a reliable payment gateway with appropriate SSL certifications and PCI compliance in place to earn trust amongst the customer base.

How do payment gateways work?

The completion of a transaction involves:

  • Encryption

The necessary data for vendors are  firstly encrypted and sent through the browser. The payment gateway ensures to send the transaction data to the payment processor used by the vendor’s bank.

  • Authorization:

This process involve “authorization” or “denial” of the data. The concerned banks authorizes this.

  • Order filling:

The payment processor obtain the response from the concerned bank and push it to the browser and subsequently to the user. A response decide the approval or denial of a payment. An effective payment gateway accomplish this complete process within seconds and make it easy on the business and customer.

The Magento 2 Payeezy First Data GGe4extension by eGrove:

With the emerging demand for a safe and fraudulent-free payment gateway, eGrove has launched the Magento 2 payeezy First Data GGe4extension module. There is opportunity to integrate this module with online platforms to provide seamless customer experiences thereby improving potential sales and conversion rates. This module is built on First Data Global gateway e4 which accepts the card details, validates it and passes on to First Data in the most secure and reliable way. It takes complete charge of curbing fraudulence further boosting the dependability quotient.

What are its features?

  • This extension module accepts critical data through First DataGlobal gateway e4
  • It provides the stakeholders complete liberty to authorize only or authorize along with capturing the complete payment cycle
  • On need basis the merchants are also allowed to capture the payment details from the control panel for future references
  • This module strictly adheres to the PCI compliance. Furthermore, it does not store sensitive information like card details anywhere throughout the payment cycle
  • The merchants can also look into the authorized payments from the First Data control panel for references
  • The module supports functionalities like Authorize only, Authorize and capture (sale), Void and Refund


Conventional payment gateway integrations consume a lot of time and effort for installation and deployment in live. Interestingly, Magento 2 Payeezy First data GGe4 extension comes as a fresh breath of air for merchants looking for solutions to work directly on live site . This extension takes up only minimal time and technical installation know-how.

Hence, have you integrated this future-ready gateway extension yet?

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