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Ten Reasons Why You Should Invest in SMS for Opencart

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Two-way communication has become a necessity in today’s competitive environment. You cannot achieve customer engagement or retention without maintaining two-way communication. If you have designed your eCommerce store on Opencart, you can install the advanced Opencart SMS extensions that support smoother and reliable communication between vendors and customers.

SMS for Opencart is one such extension that keeps your customers up-to-date with the latest notifications. Whether it is about their order status or important alerts, the SMS for the Opencart module will help vendors create a customized SMS for customers.

Let’s have a look at the 10 important reasons why eCommerce store owners should opt for this module.

1.Improve Customer Relationship

The module improves customers and merchant relationships by sending regular updates to customers. It keeps them notified about their order status, delivery date, special offers, promotional deals, and other info.

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2. Automated Process

You don’t have to manually send a message to each customer to notify them about their order status or your special offer. Once the module is integrated with your website, the SMS is automatically delivered to the users. 

3. Send Bulk Messages

SMS for Opencart can be used for sending bulk messages to a specific group of customers for brand promotion. Now, you no longer need to wait for customers to arrive at your website to know the latest deals. Surprise them with a customized message and tempt them to grab the promo deal right away.

4. Increase Conversions

Customized messages result in higher customer engagement. When you send messages in bulk, there’s a good chance most people will turn to your website to check out the offer. If they are satisfied with the deal, they will purchase your products and become your regular customers. That way, SMS for Opencart increases conversion rates by achieving customer engagement and retention.

5. Keep Users Up-to-date

Don’t lose your potential buyers to the competitors. Integrate SMS for Opencart module and keep your users up-to-date with their order status, cancellation, out of stock product, and order placement messages. 

6. Achieve Customer Engagement

Customers want personalized shopping experience. By sending customized messages to your shoppers, you can keep up their engagement with your company and allure them into becoming your regular customers.

7. Achieve Retention

Sometimes, people browse through the collection of your products and services but end up abandoning the cart. These customers never get back to your website unless they receive a reminder. Remind your customers about the product they were shopping for. Ask them to complete the checkout process and get the product delivered at their doorstep. This allows companies to achieve customer retention by bringing users back to their website.

8. Easy integration

Install the SMS for the Opencart module quickly on your Opencart website. Enjoy the hassle-free process of installing the Opencart SMS extensions and get started with the module right away.

9. Communicate faster

The reason why people love SMS is its easy and fast services. In one click, you can deliver a customized message to hundreds (if not thousands) of customers. According to the studies, 94% of messages are read within the 5 minutes of their delivery time. That’s the reason why the major online marketplaces and eCommerce websites integrate Opencart SMS extensions with their Opencart. It supports faster communication.

10. Grow Your Brand

As compared to email and social networking sites, SMS has a higher response rate. Your customers are highly likely to take action by reading the customized SMS. Moreover, it is easy to access and doesn’t need data or Wi-Fi.

Invest in SMS for Opencart and grow your company online. Keep your users up-to-date with your brand and let them get the important updates through SMS. 

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