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With your ecommerce platform built on Opencart, you could simply jump start your online website with multitude of options in your kitty. You could choose from nearly 13000+ ready to use templates including the look and feel of your website. To add on, Opencart accommodates easy extension from existing themes helping in expansion of functionalities of your online store. Want more? It is grounded on MVC which is simple to understand, develop and requires a very simple admin interface. You could add features to your website at a snap! Opencart is extremely user-friendly and multilingual which can be utilized. Like icing on the cake, it understands SEO and is actually SEO friendly contributing to better conversion rates.

eGrove coupled with its expertise provides several modules based on Opencart like

Opencart PayPal payments advanced:

  • Primarily payments are accepted and processed within the ecommerce website without redirection
  • Paypal provides this service with a minimum charge of 5$/month
  • It accommodates the features of “authorize and capture”,”authorize only and capture later”
  • Refund feature is accommodated in the configuration page itself
  • Module works well with Paypal Payment Advanced Account / Payflow link Account
  • PayPal Advanced payment gateway integration allows processing of all the credit card payments

OpenCart Payeezy First Data GGe4 Module:

This module is compatible with Opencart v1.5.3.1 and above

  • Enables easy capture of transactions
  • Allows easy capture of refunds made
  • Administrator is allowed to select the type of transaction method as “sale” or “authorize”
  • Accommodates configuration of payment methods
  • First data control panel updates every transaction carried out
  • Option to choose Payeezy First Data GGe4 payment method during checkout
  • Credit card can be used to complete the transaction in the website itself

Opencart Eway payments:

  • Allows payment via eWay payment gateway services
  • It works well with eWay Shared Payment , eWay Hosted and eWay Hosted CVN

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