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Offer Seamless Checkout Experience – Magento Payeezy First Data Extension

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With eCommerce and Mobile App Platforms growing in leaps and bounds, it is becoming a more essential factor to integrate a highly competent payment extension into your web store. As technologies are becoming obsolete very fast, and newer versions of platforms and extensions are being introduced at a much faster pace, it is highly imperative to look for the latest payment options in your Magento eCommerce Online Stores. Magento Payeezy First Data  Extension are one among them to ensure that customer online transactions are carried out in a smooth and secure way.

While more and more shoppers are getting comfortable and feel confident with the process of online shopping, some tend to feel insecure by sharing their credit card details on the web store’s account. This situation calls for integrating a well-built, robust and highly secure Payeezy First Data GGe4 extension into the websites to address all the concerns of shoppers.

Several studies indicate that many consumers are hesitant to make their purchases online for fear of credit card and data thefts and this fear of data theft influences to a great extent the volume of online purchase and are a key factor that determines consumer buying behavior.

Hence, as an eCommerce Merchant, it is important to reassure customers that shopping done through your site is extremely secure and reliable, and this can be done by integrating a safe and secure global payment gateway. In case you are hosting a Magento-based website, you can integrate a leading and safe payment gateway such as the Payeezy First Data GGe4 Extension to offer a pleasant shopping experience to customers.

The Magento eCommerce Payment Extensions, ensure that customer online transactions are carried out in a smooth and secure way. All major credit cards and debit cards are duly accepted and supported by these extensions. At no point, do these extensions store card information anywhere on the system in order to pass the PCI compliance issues. The store merchant can, however, capture the authorized payments from the backend of the platform.

The Payeezy First Data Payment Gateway ensures that the payment process is carried out with less susceptibility to fraudulence and protects your customer’s financial details. Store owners have the option to perform an ‘authorize only’ or ‘authorize and capture’ functionality, with respect to the payments done through their Magento eCommerce store. They can then capture the amount from the backend of the extension.

Features of Magento Payeezy First Data  GGe4 Extension

  • Hassle free installation and setup
  • Easy to configure environment Test/Live
  • Easy to configure Payment action: Authorize/Authorize and Capture
  • Easily configurable for  choosing new order status
  • Supports Authorize, Capture, Purchase, Void & Refund


Online business processes without efficient payment gateways can lead to poor patronage from customers. Payment gateways facilitate to link the client payment to the merchant website account. In addition to ensuring safety of the credit card account details, the payment gateways offer an easy way to enhance retention, loyalty and customer satisfaction. The Magento Payeezy First Data GGe4 Extension is designed using the latest technology, in order to address the hassles relating to payment transaction by eCommerce merchants as well as customers.

Download: Magento Payeezy First Data  GGe4 Extension
Also Magento 2.0 First Data Available..!

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