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Magento 2 Payeezy First Data GGe4 Extension can be united with the Magento 2 core credit card system by installing the default gateway to First data Global Gateway e4.

API module collects the credit card details, validates and passes the data to First data in a secured way. Hosted module provides a secure hosted web payment form designed to accept eCommerce transactions. The extension collects the credit card details, validates and passes the data to First data in a secured way.

Both modules support Authorize and capture, authorize only and Capture later feature refund amount.

API module extension will fit in Magento 2 eCommerce store with Magento Payeezy First Data GGe4 to offer an all-in-one checkout experience to your customers. The module helps to acquire payment through First Data Global Gateway e4. The merchant can allow only or authorize and apprehend the payment. Later can capture the amount from the First data control panel.The module does not accumulate card information anywhere to pass PCI Compliance issues. Supports Authorize Only, Authorize & Capture (Sale), Void and Refund.

Hosted module extension helps to accept payment through Magento Payeezy First Data Global Gateway e4. Accepts credit card payments and process through Magento Payeezy First data gateway.The merchant can obtain the sanctioned payments from the extension backend. This module is very easy to install.

When a customer first checks out utilizing our First Data payment method, they are given a form to record credit card details. If they prefer to save those details, the next time they make a purchase they can enter a new card, or practice a previous credit card with an individual click. Your users can also add, edit, view, and delete any of their stored credit cards through a “Manage My Cards” interface in their account, also available through the Magento Admin Panel.


Stored payment info is great for your business.It simplifies checkout. It supports your customers to keep coming back. It lets your customer service team quickly process orders and billing changes, without demanding to ask customers for their credit card info repeatedly. It streamlines order management and mixture (for compatible systems).


We are often asked about PCI compliance. PCI compliance is a complicated and multifaceted issue, covering every perspective of your business. We can’t guarantee that your company is PCI-compliant. That depends on your passwords, business processes, server, periodic security scans, any other payment methods, and a lot more. We can assure you that this payment method is SAQ-D eligible. Also, First Data offers a PCI Rapid Comply solution as a member of their Merchant Services, which includes guidelines and support to help you complete the annual SAQ.


We are experienced, accredited Magento developers. All of our code is well-documented, clean, and follows all Magento patterns and techniques. We make certain to do things the best way.

Our reference code is 100% decoded (viewable source). When you obtain this extension, you get full passage to view and change the source any way you require to (within the terms of the license).


We pride ourselves on featured support, which includes free virus fixes and updates for the lifetime of this extension. If you discover that it doesn’t work as we intended in a standard installation, we’ll assist you to make sure that it does.

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