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Make your shopping effortless with Magento Shortlist Extension. Generally, online customers always compare the products from a different site to buy the best products. When they are comparing the products, they redirected to the product listing page automatically. It becomes tough for them to compare the products with the products available in the product catalog page. This extension reduces the customers shopping effort. The module helps the users to shortlist the products that they like from the product listing page. It provides your customer to capture their particular items in a short list and then compare them based on their different features.

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A minibar appears on the right bottom of the website can be minimized at any time. The module adds an excellent and convenient means of shopping for a customer by listing out his desired brands quickly and then comparing them without having to go back and forth, checking for features in each product. The module is an easy comparison option. The Magento ShortList Module allows the customer to compare an unlimited number of products. The product catalog page is opened with the product image and product information, once the customer clicks the product menu from the home page. The module uses AJAX technology to add the product to the shortlist minibar.



The module uses the widget technology to show the selected products on the product catalog page. The product catalog page shows two links ‘Add to widget’ and ‘Add to compare.’ The widget displays the listed products, compare link and slideshow link for both the options. The customer can choose the compare option or slide show option from the widget if the customer clicks on Add to compare to get the products into the list. The customer can start comparing by clicking on ‘Compare,’ once he/she selected the products. When the customer is satisfied with the product, then he can move with its purchase or jump back to the product catalog to form a different list.

If the customer clicks the slideshow link and he can view the slide show that displays products one by one. Hence the comparison and slideshow are made accessible for your customers. The module allows the customer to compare an unlimited number of products. The customers can view the product details by clicking the added product link available in the widget. The administrator can show/hide the widget option. It is easy to install and works perfectly on Magento 1.5X, 1.6.X, 1.7. X Versions. It is a friendly interface module.

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