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Eliminate Your Fear And Pick up Magento 2 One Step Checkout Today

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Consider your checkout process as the shopping line at a grocery store. Customers planning to shop from a grocery store try to search for the shorter lines to get their transaction completed as soon as possible. Well, the online checkout process is similar.

Lengthy and time-consuming checkout process contributes to a majority of the abandoned carts. Your customers don’t find it convenient enough to share too much of their personal details or get redirected to multiple checkout pages to complete their order. They rather find it easier to press the back button and shop from your competitor’s store. Without even realizing, eCommerce stores lose out on a large number of customers due to the hectic checkout process.

Today, customers look for stores that not only offer a wonderful collection of the trending items but quick navigation and fast checkout process. One Step Checkout is one of the popular Magento 2 extensions, specifically designed to streamline the checkout process. Keep reading to learn more about it.

What is Magento 2 One Step Checkout Module?

As the name implies, one step checkout module accelerates the checkout process by enabling your customers to fill a single page while placing the order. It is 75% faster and more easier than the standard checkout processes. With this Magento 2 extension integrated into your eCommerce store, you can rest assured that you won’t lose your customers at the final step of conversion.

By speeding up the checkout process, this Magento 2 module helps companies increase their sales and monthly revenues. Here are the common features of the One Step Checkout module:

Features of Magento One Step Checkout

  • Support almost all major types of payment and delivery methods
  •  Easy application of discount codes and coupons to the order
  •  Add or remove products from the cart in a single click
  • Simple and customized configuration
  •  Compatible with the third-party modules
  •  Works well with the popular Magento templates
  • Social login option

Benefits of One Step Checkout

One-step checkout process means your customers can enter the basic order and the shipping details on one page. Unlike other eCommerce websites, they are not redirected to multiple pages to complete the checkout. That makes it a whole lot easier for your audience to shop from your website and return to your store again. The benefits of this module are:   

Fewer Clicks

The faster your customers are able to complete the checkout, the higher the chances they will return to your website frequently. One-step checkout ensures that your customers have to fill only a single page to place an order and initiate the transaction. This boosts their morale and encourages them to shop from your store over and over.

Customer Retention

Customers need to fill the basic information to place an order for their desired products. Of course, that is mandatory. But, you can make it more convenient by narrowing down the whole procedure into a single page. Customers find it frustrating to get redirected to multiple pages and complete the hectic checkout process to complete the transaction.

In fact, that is the number one reason they abandon the carts. What makes it even more annoying is that your customers have to manually switch to different pages to verify the information they have entered. The last thing they expect is ‘transaction failed’ or ‘transaction unsuccessful’ error. They will have to fill the checkout pages all over again. If you want to boost your customer retention, install the One Step Checkout module into your eCommerce store and streamline the checkout process.

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