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How Directing the Customers to their Native Language Plays a Vital Role in Increasing Your Sales?

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Businesses are no more restricted by geography. Gone are the days when businesses preferred to keep their store confined to a particular region since global businesses required a large capital. Today, digital channels allow companies to promote their brands globally. You can reach out to the global audience by displaying the brand’s description in their native language. 

Content Management Systems like Magento 2 allows store owners to redirect their customers to their native language website. 

Importance of Language and Currency in Online Marketing

Do you know 76% of customers prefer to shop products from a website in their native language? 56% of the customers amongst them read the product descriptions and company’s details in their native language before making a purchase. Language and currencies impact your sales conversions and revenues significantly. 

If you want the global audience to be able to purchase from your Magento 2 eCommerce website, you need to look for an accurate extension that could direct your users to their native language URL. Not only language but the extension should display the price details in the customer’s native currency and allow them to make a purchase using their country’s currency. 

So far, Magento 2 is the most sought-after CMS for store owners. The platform has the potential to convert your currency and the language. One such Magento 2 extension for currency and language conversion is Currency Auto Switcher and GeoIP Location. Let’s see how this product can help Magento 2 users attract the global audience.

Currency Auto Switcher and GeoIP Location – Choose the Best Extension for Your Magento 2 Store

The Magento auto switcher identifies the users based on their location and redirects them to their native language website. Basically, the module identifies your user’s location according to their IP address and helps them get to their native-language website where the information is displayed in their native language. Using this Magento 2 extension, store owners can increase their conversions and achieve customer engagement by simplifying the shopping process for the global audience.

You no longer have to restrict your business to your region’s boundaries. Attract the audience from the different corners of the world and let them browse your product and enjoy a seamless shopping experience on your eCommerce store. Here are some features of this extension.

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Features of Currency Auto Switcher and GeoIP Location Extension

  • Detects the customer’s IP Address automatically.
  • Uses the Maxmind Look-Up Table to direct your users to their native language Magento 2 store according to their IP address.
  • By installing the automatic currency conversion, you can display the regional price to the customers by converting the store’s currency into the customer’s native currency. It simplifies the currency conversion process and allows your users to hit the purchase option instantly.
  • The URL of the different language stores could either be set up manually or automatically with the Currency Auto Switcher extension.
  • Easy installation
  • User-friendly Interface and quick currency switching process
  • You can use the restriction option to restrict the users from a specific location from purchasing from your store. 

Why Use Magento 2 Currency Switcher Extension?

Strengthen your marketing strategy by giving a personalized shopping experience to the global audience. Your customers do not like to check the price of the product and convert the price into their native currency. Not only is this a hectic for your audience, but it consumes their time. However, the currency conversion extension will convert the price into the customer’s native currency. This increases their engagement and conversion.

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