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Integrate One of the Secure Payment Gateways for Your Joomla Site

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Check Payeezy First Data Module Features

Hosting millions of eCommerce websites on the Internet, Joomla is undoubtedly one of the leading open-source CMS platforms. It makes it easier for developers and website owners to manage their web content and provide the end-users with seamless browsing and shopping experience. From managing your content to delivering a high-quality user experience, Joomla can cater to all your requirements.

Why You Need a Secure Payment Gateway for Joomla Website?

As more and more people are relying on online shopping, it becomes the responsibility of the eCommerce store owner to integrate one of the safest and fastest payment gateways on their website. To increase customer engagement and satisfaction, a high-quality and secure gateway is a must. The job of a third-party gateway portal is to ensure safe transactions between merchants and customers. It plays an integral role in managing your transactions and running a successful eCommerce website. 

One such advanced and secure payment gateway for Joomla websites is the First Data Global Gateway e4 Payeezy Payment. Once the developer integrates this payment gateway module with the Joomla Virtuemart, all the transactions and payments will be managed by this module. Let’s have a look at the working of this Joomla’s extension.

How Does the First Data Global Gateway e4 Payeezy Payment Module Work?

Using its advanced features, customers will be able to initiate the payment through their credit/debit cards.  The best part is customers can stay on your website while entering and submitting their card details. They will not be redirected to any third party website. As soon as the customers fill the necessary information and submit it for verification, the payment plugin automatically links with the First Data. By this time, your payment request is initiated. 

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Basically, this module uses the customer’s card details and merchant’s bank account details to process the funds. Developers need to submit their bank account details during the account set up process. These details will be used by the Joomla Virtuemart Gateway to initiate the payment and transfer the funds to the developer’s account.

Your credit card details are read and verified by the payment plugin. Once it is verified, these details are sent to First Data for further validation. Customers can rest assured that their transactions will be processed safely since everything is secured by SSL.  

Features of First Data Global Gateway e4 Payeezy Payment

  • The module allows users to process their payment through credit cards. The card details and transaction is validated by the First Data e4 Payment module.
  • Merchants get an opportunity to either “Authorize Only” or “Authorize and Capture” the payment.
  • Customer’s card details are never saved by the module. In order to satisfy the PCI Compliance, First Data Global Gateway e4 Payeezy Payment Gateway process the payments safely without saving the card details on its system. 

Why Joomla First Data?

To ensure a hassle-free transaction between the merchant and customer, Joomla Payeezy First Data module is designed to process the payments easily. The payment gateway module facilitates a safe and smooth transaction. First Data has been serving as the payment gateway for more than 40 years. The module is the most sought-after by online merchants and customers. 

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All you need to do is buy this module and integrate it with your Joomla website. There is no doubt that the Joomla First Data e4 Payment module tops the list of the Joomla Virtuemart extensions. The module processes a large number of transactions every day. Once integrated on your Joomla website, the module allows your customers to stay on your platform until the transaction is completed.

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