Instagram extension for Magento Store

Most awaiting Instagram extension for Magento Store is out now..!

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More people using the web to shop for a wide variety of products like phones, dresses, shoes, bags, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, camera, watches, and other electronic products. It allows people to shop at any time and anywhere. They can easily search for exactly what they are looking for. The user can visit all the stores without spending more hours on travel and money. Every online shop owners want to attract and share about their product details, newsletters, and blogs to all the people in the world. And of course, they want to grab the attention of millions of people within a short period of time. Do you think is it impossible? No, it is possible when you use the Magento Instagram module. You can attract more people by displaying Instagram photos in your store.

Magento Instagram Extension

More than 1, 00,000 online merchants trust Magento is a better platform that can allow them to control the functionality of their online channel. It provides a successive eCommerce solution and completes flexibility. It helps them in many ways to attract customers and to increase the sales volume of the store. The online shop owners who have Magento based eCommerce websites believe that Magento is a treasure for online business. The developers also agreed with the merchants’ opinions. Magento Developers developed tons of extensions which is used for different purposes. The merchant can choose any extension which is suitable for his business. Magento offers multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts and landing page tool for campaigns. The Magento’s Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL structure and SEO tools help you to attract new customers.

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Instagram extension for Magento Store

Instagram is a social network platform, allows you to share your photos, videos with all the people in the world. It is easy to post your photo on Instagram. You can also share it on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. You can see the world without leaving your home. Instagram extension facilitates the merchants to display the images from their Instagram user profile. The Instagram extension will fetch the photos from the user’s Instagram profile which the user has added to his account. This will appear on the right-side panel of the Magento store. The Instagram extension will provide the store owner to customize the number of images to be displayed on the front end of the store.

This Magento Extension allows you to share your photos on several media sites with a single click. The conditional numbers of photos will be displayed. You can set, how many numbers of photos to be displayed on your store in the Instagram setting page. If you set only to display 5 photos on your website, then it shows only the number of photos that you have set. The module provides an option to send queries with attachment. It is easy to redirect concern images on Instagram. The Social Media Magento module allows you to enable or disable the widget option. It is a friendly interface module. The module is compatible with the Magento community 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8. Improve your web store look by implementing the Magento Instagram Module on your Magento based eCommerce shop.

Source: Most awaiting Instagram extension for Magento Store is out now..!

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