Form Builder Extension For Joomla eCommerce Website

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Joomla is one of the most popular and effective content management system (CMS) which is used to design and run a powerful website on the Internet. There are millions of websites are built based on the Joomla platform such as Government applications, eCommerce applications, small business websites, online magazines, educational websites, web portal, corporate websites, etc. Joomla plays an important role in the eCommerce business world. It has thousands of extensions which are designed with excellent features and the functionalities to meet the requirements of all the customers and the merchants.

The Joomla eCommerce Extension helps the merchants to make the website very professional and rich. Each extension gives a large number of benefits such as secure payment services, fast shipping process, social media site integration, attractive website, etc. To get the attractive website, many companies offer the Joomla development services at reasonable cost with essential tools and functionalities. The professional web development company can provide the Joomla service such as website development, module development, portal development, application development, plugin/extension/component development, template integration, CMS development, payment gateway integration, website maintenance, SEO services, etc.


Joomla Contact Form Builder

These development services offer the excellent benefits to the Joomla based eCommerce website in order to enhance the performance of the website.

  • By using the development services, the merchant can get the wonderful website that can easily attract many visitors towards the website.
  • Joomla has more than thousands of templates. The merchant can use these templates to make the website look very attractive and incredible.
  • These services, develops the website which is very easy to navigate. It facilitates the customers with easy navigation tools.
  • It helps to create the SEO friendly websites to increase the page rank of the eCommerce website in the SEO marketing field.
  • It develops the eCommerce website which supports multiple languages. So that the merchant can easily provide the services to all the people in the globe.
  • These development services help to maintain the online orders and update the catalog easily.
  • The professional developers can able to provide the cost effective maintenance and upgrade services for the eCommerce website.

This development services develop the extension based on the merchant business requirements. Because there are various types of extensions are present in the Joomla community. The contact form builder is one of the great extension which provides an easy way for the merchant to attract all the online visitors towards the Joomla eCommerce website. Most of the merchants spend a huge amount of money to increase their product sales by attracting the customers to their website. Sometimes, it will not provide the expected result.

But, by using this extension on the eCommerce site the merchant can save more money, easily attracts the visitors, increase the sales of the online business, etc. This extension allows the users of Joomla based websites to create their own Contact us forms. No technical knowledge is needed for creating this contact us form. Without using any coding, the user can create the stunning contact pages in the Joomla eCommerce website. The user can use the CAPTCHA option in order to avoid the spam entries on the eCommerce website.

The Joomla Contact Us Form Extension integrates with mailchimp that allows the users to easily capture the contacts on the eCommerce website. It allows the users to create, edit, delete and save multiple contact page templates. By using different style of the contact us form, the merchant can easily capture the attention of all the customers to his website and can increase the productivity of his business effectively.

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