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Exploring the capabilities of Content Management Platform

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Sales and Marketing automation has become a quintessential for businesses to emerge successfully. There are a myriad of marketing automation tools but there has always been a requirement for a strong content marketing platform to be in place. A content marketing platform streamlines the utilization of content and takes charge of its usage in multiple channels with the ultimate goal to nurture leads and foster customer relationships.

How does a content management platform work?

Content is the cardinal element of any content marketing platform without which its functionality would take a toss. A well written content plays a crucial role in capturing leads and educating the customers. Relevant content needs to be everywhere from the website to any mailer sent to the customer. Meaningful content has the competency to transform the way any business performs. An effective content marketing platform hence aids strategists to drive prospective leads and generate revenue from their content. This approach is a data-driven, scalable, multi-channeled methodology spanning across areas of strategy, production, distribution and analytics

Thus being the importance of content, it can be of any form:

  • Format-text, image, video, audio
  • Type-blogs, whitepapers, articles, case studies
  • Source- originally created, curated, outsourced or licensed
  • Distribution medium-owned or paid

Based on a survey about Content Management Platform

  • 76% of marketers are increasing investment in content marketing
  • 49% of companies have an executive exclusively  responsible for content marketing
  • 68% of content marketing leaders are increasing investment in technology

What does a Content Marketing Platform do?

  • An effective CMP provides valuable insights on what worked and what went wrong
  • Closely tracks leads and opportunities generated from content
  • Zeros down to the exact type of content which proved effective and which did not provide great results
  • Provides input about the best fit content which suits the business and the appropriate source which can be utilized to generate such content
  • Enables effectual planning of content flow
  • Takes charge of end-to-end content supply chain
  • Applies data-driven inputs into real-time production processes
  • Integrates web analytics, marketing automation and CRM systems on a single platform
  • Provides role sensitive user access to secure business critical information
  • Collaborates and maintains a common repository of information

Planning your Content Marketing Strategy:

Content management platform

CMS Engineering

Measuring success through a Content Management Platform:

A content marketing platform helps in measuring the success of initiatives taken through web analytics and data from social channels. Again demand generation is evaluated which includes the leads generated and sales pipeline which includes the level of sales influenced. These advanced metrics are few ways to calibrate success.

 So begin nurturing your content marketing platform to experience the power of quality content. Shape your content operations, crack challenges and stay on top of the competition.


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