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eWay Payment for your OpenCart eCommerce Store

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eWay and OpenCart – Payment gateway for eCommerce Store

Do you think it is quite difficult to find the best payment gateway for your OpenCart eCommerce store? If your answer is “Yes” means, this article will help you to find the best payment gateway for your eCommerce store. Let see which payment gateway is suitable for your OpenCart based eCommerce store.


OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online shopping cart system started by Daniel Kerr at 2010. It has more than 9000 plugins or extensions which are used in the OpenCart development. Many popular sites are built based on the OpenCart platform. It is very easy to install and customize this OpenCart eCommerce solution. It is an SEO friendly system designed with more than 100 features. More than 20 payment gateways are supported by the OpenCart to make the OpenCart Payments very successful. OpenCart supports more than eight shipping methods to process the shipping and it provides the merchant to create their own online shopping cart without spending more money. The biggest benefit of OpenCart is, it provides the PCI compliance support. It is mainly recommended for the store owners, developers, and designers. It is very simple to use the OpenCart. The main features of OpenCart are product reviews and ratings, multi languages, multi currencies, sales report and error logging, backup and restore tools, multi store functionality, etc.

eWay Payment Gateway

eWay is an international payment gateway process the payment in an easy, fast and smart way. It is integrated into more than 180 shopping carts. The PCI Security Standards Council has confirmed that the eWay Payment Gateway available anywhere with the highest level of Internet security and an umbrella group also ensure that the online shopping remains safe for consumers surfing the Net. eWay provide its payment processing services to all major banks in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, and New Zealand. The eWay payment gateway accepts the online credit card payments in real time from your clients. It provides the best customer services than the any other payment gateway in the globe and 24/7 support. The payment process of eWay is very safe and secure for the merchants and the customers. EWay securely manages the payments in your OpenCart eCommerce Store.

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OpenCart eCommerce with eWay payment

OpenCart integrates with the eWay to accept all the credit card payments and process it through the eWay payment gateway services. By using this payment gateway on your eCommerce store, you need not to buy an SSL certificate. With the help of eWay payment gateway you can process the payment transaction very easy and secure. It allows the customers to stay on the merchant site for the entire checkout process. It will not redirect the customers to the payment site. So that all credit card processing is done on the merchant site (OpenCart eCommerce site) itself. You can easily attract the customers towards your OpenCart eCommerce store and it will increase the growth of the business.


Based on this article we can easily conclude that eWay is the best payment gateway for your OpenCart eCommerce store. This will process the payment transaction more secure than the other payment gateway services.

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