Facts about Customer Survey for Opencart

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Opencart is considered one of the popular and most-used content management systems. It hosts several eCommerce stores and allows a multitude of features that help businesses grow. The multi-store functionality of this CMS allows store owners to run and manage multiple stores simultaneously. The best part is that even if you have multiple stores that sell different products, the Opencart will offer the easiest management solution. This eCommerce solution offers a broad range of themes and extensions that can enhance your store and improve its visibility. 

One such extension that can improve your marketing and grow your brand on this platform is the customer survey extension. The plugin is used to conduct a customer survey. It enables users to set up the survey questions for their customers and collects the survey report to check the result. The result of the survey is available in the form of charts as well as reports. Let’s have a look at a few interesting facts about customer surveys for Opencart extension. 

Take Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is extremely important in today’s competitive business environment. If you want to grow and get your brand in front of your target audience, then you need to collect 100% unbiased and genuine feedback from your customers. That’s exactly what this extension helps you to achieve. Designed for the Opencart eCommerce stores, customer survey extension enables your customers to leave feedback after shopping from your store.

Select Customers for Survey

You get to set the survey questions and decide which customers will get to answer the survey. The selection criterion for this survey is quite flexible. You can select the customers based on:

  • The total number of products the customer has purchased from your Opencart store.
  • The total amount the user has spent on your platform
  • The total orders in the past week or month
  • All users that have purchased at least once from your store

If you want a genuine opinion of your target audience about your products and services on Opencart, then we will highly recommend the last option. You can include all customers in your online survey. This will give you a complete insight into what your customers think about your products and services and where you can improve. 

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Set Multiple Surveys and Unlimited Questions

There is no limit as to how many and what type of questions you set. The store owner has full control over the type of questions they ask their customers. The extension features a drop-down question setting. It is quite convenient for both the store owner and customers. They will find it easy to answer the questions and submit their survey. 

So, create as many surveys as you want and let your customers share their experience with you. This promotes your sales conversion. Based on this feedback, you can make changes to your store and enhance your marketing and sales strategy.

Access Results 

Once the customers have answered these questions and submitted the survey, the results will be available in the form of reports and charts. You can access it easily and even import the results to MS Excel or PDF. 

Tracking the customer response is super easy with the customer survey for Opencart extension. You can track individual responses and plan your next marketing and sales strategy accordingly.

Why Do You Need Customer Survey Extension for Opencart?

In order to achieve customer retention, you need to know what your customers think about your product. The extension can help you build your brand by allowing you to modify your business and eCommerce store according to customers’ feedback.

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