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Magento 1 Vs Magento 2: Which is the best Choice for your Multi Vendor Marketplace?

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Earlier in the 90s, cellular phones replaced pagers. Then, mobile phones replaced cellular phones. Now, smartphones have replaced mobile phones. We are all aware of the differences taken by technology in each of these hops. What do we infer from the above? Science has started to give technology what people want. The need of mankind has been increasing day-by-day.

Similarly, when we hear the term ‘Multi Vendor Marketplace’, the first thing that strikes our upper story is ‘A Super Market’. Pitching this supermarket online, it is multi-vendor e-commerce. Its is been known for a few years as an open source eCommerce platform with shopping cart system. It caters e-commerce platforms, solutions and CMS software under a single umbrella.

Magento 1.x was the first version followed by Magento 2.0 Beta Version. With some of the advantages, Magento 2.0 extensions stands aloof from Magento 1.x.

Any such open source eCommerce platform should be tester friendly. Magento 2.0 satisfies this characteristic. The second criteria an open source software should go by is security. In this case, Version 2.0 has better security when compared to version 1. As mentioned above, this second version is more flexible with respect to design and customization. The scripts used are customizable and compatible with third party plug-ins in Magento 2.

Beyond these advantages, Magento 2.0 extensions also has other benefits with respect to the UI. The dashboard is designed exclusively to monitor the store statistics. It offers separate profile page for seller legacy promotion. It enables signing up and logging in through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Another striking feature of such software like it is trouble-free installation and operation. With this, Magento Marketplace has been rated well by several merchants and application developers.

When Shopify also possess similar traits as version 2.0, the latter is considered outstanding for its exclusive customizable UI. It is mobile friendly and also offers the wishlist feature as we see in Amazon and Flipkart today.

The product hosts the above-mentioned features that are technically strong. Besides the technical features, any product should be provided with support and services. With that aspect, Magento Marketplace Version 2.0 is offered with round the clock technical support feature to address and respond to any queries. It also plays a key role in building customer relationships.

‘A change is always for good’. Any system welcomes changes that are good. Similarly, It is welcomed by several open source e-commerce application developers to construct a magento multi-vendor marketplace. Therefore both merchants and developers have put their thumbs up for Magento 2.0 extensions.

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